One day in the life of an alcohol addict. With the help of his girlfriend Krysia, Kuba attempts to regain control of his life. But when she's at work, Kuba is home alone, and it becomes hard not to resist the temptation.

An emotionally lost man ruled by alcohol addiction attempts to regain control of his life for his lover, however the tide of the world seems to be swallowing his desire whole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ag) wrote: 0 stars yeah i saw this shut up

Tommy M (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was really interesting because i thought the casting in it was great. I thought each person played there role perfectly and the actual characters were beautifuly written because that's kind of what I would expect out of someone who grew up in those ways. I thought that actual story was good expecially the part when they meet his parents and I was also amazed on how this movie could pull you into it when the whole movie is pretty much in a crappy moving van. I also found this movie to be pretty funny and it has a good ending but Jon Heder's character if freaking weird, expecially at the end. And by thinking of it actually makes me giggle.

Divit K (nl) wrote: This is by far the best movie of all time

Jessica H (ca) wrote: A cute story for the wrong couple; going to the dentist might be more fun.

Marcos S (ag) wrote: Ving Rhames aqui prova que quando escolhe os projetos certos, um bom ator.

Red L (fr) wrote: Jodie Foster is a great actor. Watch this movie just to see her performance.

Andr D (jp) wrote: MIchael Dudikoff intenta ser un nuevo hroe de accin en esta estpida cinta que, exceptuando a John Fujioka, no tiene ningn valor redimible. Solo en los 80.

Ryan H (ag) wrote: For when this movie was made, the sets look absolutely fantastic. Everything still holds up today. Hauer is a phenomenal villain. Ford, another great performance. Now, we wait for them to completely ruin a reboot of it.

Tyson S (gb) wrote: Great soundtrack. Interesting narrative point. Stupid characters. Immensely disturbing. So bad that it gets to a point where you wonder what kind of a sick twisted person would want to make a film such as this one. Real animal torture is part of what you will see and it will make your stomach turn.

Akash S (gb) wrote: In a near-future eugenics-based world, where one's genetic superiority defines their ease of success in society, Andrew Niccol's 'Gattaca' explores the story of two men who have been affected by it; too much was expected of one and he succumbs to pressure, and nothing much was expected of the other and he tries to go against those expectations to achieve his dream. In this hypothetical gene-discriminatory society, the film's essential theme is of one's value and destiny; whether we define it or someone/something does, ultimately, it's upto us.The casting is good, and the acting is commendable. Though it's a science-fiction film, it didn't need any special effects to explore its themes; it made use of the well-designed sets and captivatingly-coloured cinematography.The ideas explored in the film are intriguing and thought-provoking, but other than the lead character Vincent, whose description would take five sentences, other characters' descriptions would take just one. Especially, Irene (Uma Thurman), of whom we get to know nothing. Most of the movie is a cat and mouse chase, with characters dancing around the lines of morals and ethics, not that it wasn't entertaining.Overall, it's a film which is firm in its stand against discrimination, and inspires people to against all odds to fulfill their passion; an interesting sci-fi parable about destiny.

Kyle E (nl) wrote: I love the Halloween films, but my words can't save a failure movie. I think this movie in particular was pretty funny since NO ONE else seemed to be in the hospital as the mayhem was going on! What kind of realism is that?

Steve G (mx) wrote: one of the coolest and original horror movies ever

Arun D (ca) wrote: "Cult Classic" in the making.