Petlya Oriona

Petlya Oriona


A strange phenomenon has been noticed on the outskirts of our Solar system that quickly approaches the Earth. It's called "Orion's Loop." A spaceship with a crew of people and androids ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ummay B (ag) wrote: I really loved priyanka's style in the 1960's...Shahid was soo good in his comic role!

Kim M (fr) wrote: It's a formula sports movie but I enjoyed learning about the cultural history of lacrosse and it was fun to watch. I'd have to give the coach extra points for his creative term for a V-Cut!

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: The Little Miss Sunshine star is a very talented teen now. This movie was very enjoyable. Good music. Touching story. A really well done Independent these!

Mark K (au) wrote: Nowhere near as memorable or disturbing as promised.

Alec B (us) wrote: There's stuff that doesn't completely work (like the brief section it becomes a police procedural), but it remains an unpredictable and thoroughly engrossing thriller for the most part and one that holds up on repeated viewings. How something this strange was mostly shrugged off by both the critics and the general public will never make sense to me.

Seth L (it) wrote: Christoph Waltz is damn near perfect.

David L (es) wrote: Some people may not like it but come on, this movie is like Mission Impossible 4 compared to the awful original! Inspector Gadget 2 is actually pretty funny, has better casting than the original, and is way closer to the cartoon. But the female gadget was just a mistake. Rating: 71%/ Overall: Ok and Good

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Josh H (it) wrote: Wasn't super blown away by this, but it was a good transition into the new generation of Star Trek movies. There's some elements of the storyline that kind of flew over my head but it's reasonably enjoyable.

Sam B (de) wrote: Just watched the MST'd version of this. It was a decent episode.

Senor C (br) wrote: Im enjoying getting familiar w/ Karloff's work. Of course he's notorious as Frankenstein but you really need to get outside of that. Sometimes you get a really good movie like Corridors of Blood & Grip of the Strangler; sometimes you get the not so good like The Ape & Isle of the Dead but even in the not so good ones it's always worth watching Karloff's performance because he's so fascinating real to the role. When I started watching Before I Hang I was thinking Karloff sure looks like an old fucking old was he when he made this movie but in fact he's playing beyond his years he's so real. He's great to watch in this as a convicted doctor (for Kevorkian methods) who takes the serum to the secrete to denying the deteriorated process of age mixed w/ a killer's blood. The only thing that keeps my rating down is that this is @ least 15 minutes too short. On Karloff's performance alone it's brilliant

steven p (fr) wrote: Hilarious 'high-school noir' sticks to genre formula, wins.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: This had the potential to be an awesome horror/slasher film. The opening was great an the whole set up is perfect. Come on, a house filled with actresses auditioning for the role of an insane character while is killer is on the loose? This is horror gold. What I loved about this film (and actually had some issues with) was the killer. I thought the actual killer was excellent, the mask was indeed freaky and I absolutely loved that the it was introduced to the whole cast as an "acting device", so we can't really guess who the killer is, since all of the cast members have been around the mask beforehand. However, I wish the killer in the full mask was around more, we don't see him/her around too much. The ice skating scene was awesome (Christie, you had a great death), but I wish there were more of those great moments. I love Michael Wincott, so I wish he was in it more, he was there for about a second: "Hello girls, this is Michael." cut to: Michael dead in the hot tub. And I think this is the first time I've seen Maury Chaykin thin. Anyway, with a better script, this could have been a classic. I loved the stuff with the doll, and the scenes with the ugly killer mask. If the two killing devices were used more in the entire film, I think this would have been creepier.