Pettersson & Bendel

Pettersson & Bendel


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Pettersson & Bendel torrent reviews

Matt P (au) wrote: They still sound pretty good.

Arash B (ca) wrote: Artsy fartsy, Great premise & beautiful images are not enough to save this film from being vacuous, It lacks enough substance & depth, Not to mention that it follows the same old "men as assholes & women as sweet innocent human beings" cliche

Patrik J (br) wrote: Still haven't seen the end. Saw the beginning to middle twice!

Alfia T (gb) wrote: ????????. ?? ??????? ????? ???.

Plain C (us) wrote: Just amazing. Love 'em

Carlos G (us) wrote: Watching this 20 years or so later it doesn't past the age of time.

Cheryl L (ru) wrote: Such a disappointment. Storyline seemed pointless, there was no funny parts and it was just very boring.