Film starring Shashi Kapoor, Sulakshana Pandit and Ranjeet

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Phaansi torrent reviews

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Though flawed in a few aspects, this decent little film is well balanced between melancholy and poetic, and it tells more about the viewer than the characters, since there will be diverse feelings about the ending depending if you are more of a realist or a romantic.

HungYa L (au) wrote: We audience are as eager as Bill Murray to find out whoever send that mysterious pink letter!!

Alan V (ca) wrote: Michael Douglas is great, but the movie never seems to know what it wants to be.

Heba M (ag) wrote: I didn't hate it, but I diidn;t really like it either. Clearly, it was intended to be over the top, but they lost me as soon as soon as they got to the island.

Vincent T (ru) wrote: Un bon Jackie malheureusement meconnu. Charcut en VF donc visionnage en VO obligatoire. D'ailleurs cette version a un cote dramatique que la VF n'a pas. Niveau combat, difficile d'oublier les 20 dernieres minutes. Jouissif.

Kristen B (ru) wrote: This is my Favorite Movie of all times- Great Race Horse movie with a heart, off you go bobbie!

Adam D (de) wrote: a very good western from 1970 i seen this movie a few times but in wide screen and blue ray for the first time and yes beautiful horses in the movie i like my westerns with horses.

Nathan D (ca) wrote: You can still see some life in Judy's eyes (compared to the rough time in Summer Stock 2 years later)... much more passion in her performance.

Lacey J (us) wrote: It was hard not to laugh and cry through out the movie.... It's not often you get attached to the characters of a movie.

Gabe S (de) wrote: Surprisingly decent.