Phande Poriya Boga Kande Re

Phande Poriya Boga Kande Re

The film is filled with hilarious moments and sequences that will entertain the mass audience greatly. The credit for this goes squarely to Soham who puts in a sparklingly fresh and funny performance and dances well too in his image of a very ordinary and simple boy who is scared out of his wits with the threat of death hanging over him like Damocles’ sword. It feels good to finally meet a hero who is timid of his opponents, does not sport a six-abs body and is like most young men of his age.

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Terri S (fr) wrote: Muffin Top: A Love Story is a hilarious, absolutely adorable film about body image insecurities most women face on a daily basis. Cathryn Michon hits it out of the park in her directorial debut with a homage to classic romantic comedies complete with an ensemble cast that includes the hilarious Melissa Peterman, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Dot Jones, Retta and the late Marcia Wallace. This laugh-out-loud movie is just plain fun and it also conveys the very important message to love yourself now, not 5 pounds from now. A very refreshing break from the violent, special-effects laden films of Hollywood these days.

Carrie B (gb) wrote: Got to love David Carr, and we are pretty excited to meet Brian this week, too. Definitely a great movie to show students - if nothing else, seeing how reporters work and how the sausage is made is pretty interesting in addition to the changes and threats to the news business documented.

Daniel P (es) wrote: Slow-paced but compelling and startlingly acted two-hander. Review soon.

Adam P (fr) wrote: Looked at problems but didn't link some of the various issues - often just resting the blame on mulitnationals. Promotes local solutions and sustainable solutions but doesn't really make clear that local AND sustainable solutions are the only answer. Being only one or the other isn't enough - and it MAY even be that multinationals are the ones best placed to deliver those solutions?!? Certainly agree with other issues raised regarding common property, political accountability and corruption needing to be adressed urgently.

Carlos I (us) wrote: I don't understand where the hate comes from. This is a solid movie, and a good interpretation of the show...

Steve R (mx) wrote: Looks great, but doesn't really say anything new.

Donna F (au) wrote: Excellent portrayal of a woman with MPD by Sally Field. Hooray, it's finally on DVD.

Helen H (jp) wrote: mmmm Satan will be beauty. well then that must be me, as some have called me the devil (hehehe geez I crack myself up). Nah don't want to see, I can just look in the mirror.

Mia M (ag) wrote: Powerful, provocative movie for its time. Painful, powerfully tense performance by Helen Shaver made me want to scream with frustration, myself.

Adam T (jp) wrote: Very powerful and emotionally complex movie with Mimi Rodgers in a stunning performance as a born-again Christian who is tested to her limits. It was really only the last 20 minutes or so when the narrative became a bit derailed by a sequence which felt like a fantasy or dream.

Nigel O (mx) wrote: real sick movie some of jackie best work

Brandon C (fr) wrote: A breathtaking drama. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike at their best. 88/100

Joe W (ca) wrote: Martin Scorsese, seriously what can go wrong. Of all the blood and gore films he made. And a children's one. Genius!! Grade 9/10

Paula M (nl) wrote: I like the people in this movie and had a sneaky suspicion that is got a low rating because it's a comedy. nope its just no that good. but good for a day when your really bored. not awful but not good either . but there's some pretty funny stuff in there if you have the patience.not fot Christians ( you will be offended )

Mike C (ru) wrote: A good and under rated matial arts movie