Lorenz Lubota is a city clerk with no direction in life. One day on his way to work he is run over by a woman driving a chariot and he is immediately infatuated with her.

A shiftless young man becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman and yearns to find her again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Phantom torrent reviews

Janette V (gb) wrote: Looks like my cup of tea!

David S (it) wrote: Ben Affleck's directorial debut is a good one. Its not my favorite crime drama but it is a very very good one. Casey Affleck and Ed Harris along with Morgan Freeman lead this movie through its mystery of trying to find a woman's niece. The suspense is there all throughout it and it is a very impressive debut

Logan M (mx) wrote: Foul and morally bankrupt, but these are the things that make "Training Day" anything but ordinary.

Evelyn M (ca) wrote: Another movie where one of the Richardson sisters plays either the daughter or the younger version of their real mother Vanessa Redgrave? I'm so there

Stef B (us) wrote: not a horror movie, but still entertaining. Knights, motorcycles, Tom Savini,good times

Michael B (au) wrote: In Maitresse, a petty criminal, Olivier (Gerard Depardieu), and his accomplice break into and attempt to rob a flat. The flat is, in fact, an S&M dungeon, and Olivier and friend are apprehended by the mistress, Ariane (Bulle Ogier), and her vicious-looking Doberman pinscher. Olivier and Ariane are immediately intrigued by one another and embark on a love affair. As the story progresses, Olivier comes to terms with Ariane's profession, and she occasionally incorporates him into her work. But Olivier cannot abide that there is a mysterious other man in Ariane's life called Gautier, whom Ariane refuses to discuss. Olivier resolves to find Gautier and confront him, with disastrous consequences.Maitresse was controversial in its day; originally, it was banned in Britain and given an X rating in the U.S. for its graphic depiction of, among other sado-masochistic activities, Ariane nailing a client's penis to a board (an act that, according to reports, was not simulated). The film's depiction of sexual activity is less shocking in an age of ubiquitous internet pornography[1], and that probably is to the film's benefit. At its core, this is a relationship story, and it is a good one. Depardieu's Olivier is restlessly searching for someone or something to give meaning and direction to his life; Ogier's Ariane, so imposing in her role as dominatrix, seems much smaller and more fragile once she removes her wig, and is equally ready to find someone to love on her own terms, to fulfil her own emotional and sexual needs. Schroeder skilfully portrays the process through which they negotiate - in fits and starts, and not always successfully - the power balance of their relationship.?[1] Although many viewers may find the scenes of horses being slaughtered in an abattoir difficult to watch.

Mark Karl H (nl) wrote: Extremely strong and memorable drama in which Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson share bisexual artist Murray Head and the complications this arrngement throw up for all concerned. My abiding memory is of Glenda making a cup of coffee from the hot water tap in her dingy flat taking a gulp yelling "argh!" in disgust before dumping the cup in a dirty sink full of pots. Brilliant.

Veeruska K (ru) wrote: the ending was confusing

Ronnie S (au) wrote: Hahaha rigtig rigtig sjov film. Eneste minus var at den nok lige var 10-15 minutter for lang, plus at slutningen var ret s forhastet. Derudover, en skidefed komedie :D

Jose C (br) wrote: Good movie. I wish it had more of him solving stuff and becoming the next Albert Einstein instead of him dealing with his personal issues.

Collin R (es) wrote: finally! a good movie lol I have been on such a bad streak with movies lately I was willing to try anything and this one even though slow at points its so smart and charming and full of great inspirational one liners

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Uma plays a very sexy superhero in this fun comedy that has a different look at the lifestyle. Photography and CGI are of a high standard allowing the stunts to come across well. The story is simple and brings some laughter to the screen. The main undercurrent is of a romantic nature allowing for the script to delve into the extreme nature of the woman. Nibbles: Walnut Whip.

Raji K (au) wrote: pretty standard movie for the genre, of two people that hate each other, but fall for each other