Phantom of Death

Phantom of Death

Police Comissioner Datti is investigating the murder of a female doctor whose murderer seems to be a thirty-fivish year old man. Soon another murder follows: Pianist Robert Dominici's girlfriend is found killed. The killer also challenges Datti on the phone and says he can't be caught since he has a secret which makes him invulnerable. In the meantime the clues seems to point in strange directions...

Police Comissioner Datti is investigating the murder of a female doctor whose murderer seems to be a thirty-fivish year old man. Soon another murder follows: Pianist Robert Dominici's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phantom of Death torrent reviews

Shane K (kr) wrote: Classic film! Great quality! BREAK IT DOWN NOW

Jessica D (es) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Emily B (fr) wrote: I probably would have enjoyed this more if I had not seen American Pie. It really is just American Pie for homosexuals. And I don't just mean "typical teen sex romp." I mean, this really is American Pie. They even copied the whole "pie" scene, only they replaced it with a quiche. There is an invasive, awkward dad that tries too hard to help his son learn about sex after he catches him masturbating several times. There is a Stifler character who is a jerk and throws parties where everybody has sex (they even name her "Muffler"...) They even have the gay equivalent of Stifler's mom, using the exact same line as American Pie (from "The Graduate): "Are you trying to seduce me?"There are a few things that separate this from American Pie, though. First off, this is WAYYYYYYYYY more graphic. Full-frontal male nudity all over the place. Lots more sex. Some cute romance between two main characters. Graham Norton's character was also pretty funny. Overall, this was nothing more than a mediocre American Pie ripoff. Thats not to say it wasn't FUN, though. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and it kept me entertained (maybe it was just the eye-candy, though). So if you're gay or a female and you've never seen American Pie, go for it. Otherwise, you're probably going to spend most of the movie making constant comparisons. Just pretend you've never seen American Pie and have fun. 2/5

Will C (us) wrote: This is an extremly good movie...but its a littlemon the long end. I just saw so ,any things in this movie that could have used edits,other those parys the movoe is really good.

Neil M (mx) wrote: May be the greatest Tom Cruise film ever!

Jim S (jp) wrote: First things first: Don't compare this to the original. It won't turn out well.On it's own, this movie is "ok" at best. I enjoyed it as a cheesy slasher film but as an actual good film, it's horrible.

leeroy c (au) wrote: crowe as a gayboy, funny but touching show and good relationship between fahter nd son. top show

Mary Jo B (it) wrote: didnt like this movie one bit ,, it was very disturbing, to make a movie about torchering and abusing children is sick ,,, I wouldnt watch this again even if it was the only movie left on earth

Marko S (it) wrote: too realistic movie for someone who is not a financial expert, and so hard to follow the line of story. and there is something there: corruption, double-crossing, financial manipulation, illegal percents and dirt of the capitalism. kinda visionary movie watched from 2009. perspective.

ChillinDylan G (ru) wrote: Before there was The Neverending Story, Willow, or The Princess Bride, there was Time Bandits. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, and holds a special place in my heart. It is a story of imagination and adventure, of trust and friendship, and of course of good vs evil. There are some pretty big names in Connery and Cleese, but young Craig Warnock is the star of this film, and he does an admirable job for a first timer who never had much of a career afterwards. An expansive world is explored, and the adventures come one after another. If you haven't seen it and you like movies like the ones I mentioned in the beginning, I highly suggest you try and find this.Grade = 8.5/10

Kristin L (br) wrote: Enda litt bedre enn den frste. Sterke visuelle effekter.

jay n (de) wrote: The main character is an odious little troll otherwise the film is well made.

David J (kr) wrote: Empty, and less thrilling than I both hoped or expected.

Kristie E (it) wrote: The slight potential dropped

Claire d (gb) wrote: I dont even know why I am giving this movie a rating...had to turn it off after about 20 minutes because it was sooo bad. No depth to any characters, predictable and rushed plot...truly rotten.

Ali T (gb) wrote: i love it.. new way to scare