Phantom Ship

Phantom Ship

During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn T (de) wrote: Damn you Sharktopus!!

Marlene M (it) wrote: It was interesting:)

Hollie E A W (mx) wrote: Best fucking movie ever. Where's it's oscars?

LiZ K (fr) wrote: Predictable, at times, and really cheesy lines pop up that made me want to cry instead of laugh.

Amy H (kr) wrote: This story started to be quite interesting and you want to know what happened, and it gave a good background of what the Asians called it the ghost month. But it just got silly and stupid as the movie went on and you just wonder why you bother anymore. Just skip this movie!

stephen c (mx) wrote: alrite. dark comedy. gives a good lesson about life.

M3 AND MY SIST3RS AR3 BAC TOG3TH3R (us) wrote: i want to see this movie so bad

Philip Z (mx) wrote: A harmless, sweet-natured teen flick that doesn't deserve the vitrol it received from the critics. No, this movie will not go down as an all-time classic, but it works for what is and it puts a smile on your face. Do I think that director Joe Nussbaum could have done more with his career? Yes, I do, especially after seeing his short film, George Lucas in Love. But, if you're stuck in the position of being a director for hire, you've got to do something to keep working. At least, Nussbaum didn't get cynical with the material he had to work with. He seems to be giving a damn about doing the best job he can to entertain this film's target audience and for the most part I think he succeeds. That's really nothing to sneer at.

Danilo E (us) wrote: Tan solo basta con mirarla una vez.

Moya W (kr) wrote: Mystic Pizza is a movie about friendship and love. It managed to keep you hooked to the screen whilst watching it, but might not be too memorable afterwards.

Michael M (us) wrote: A Great film. well worth checking out.

visitorQ S (ca) wrote: Es hrt sich ja vielversprechend an: Dracula meets Shaw Brothers. Das Ergebnis ist aber doch eher mig. Der Film mag einfach nicht recht in Schwung kommt und trotz der guten Besetzung (Peter Cushing und David Chiang in den Hauptrollen) tut sich keiner der Charaktere wirklich hervor. Hinzu kommt ein Showdown der so unfassbar erbrmlich ist (Dracula vs. Van Helsing), dass er fast schon wieder gut ist... Aber auch nur fast. ;-) knappe 2,5/5

Brett W (jp) wrote: Pretty good bio film of Chaney. Better thanks to Cagney.

Luke C (es) wrote: Hilariously inept editing, bad dialogue, and subplots that go nowhere make this movie a wipeout. (See what I did there? That's better than the script.)

Lennon W (au) wrote: I love this many great parts...and characters

Brandon W (ru) wrote: When I first come across this after watching the sequel, I just couldn't into it and just find it very boring. However, that was years ago, so I got a bit wiser and learn to appreciate slow-paced films. So after watching it, Tron is a really great Disney movie that really is original. The plot is pretty straightforward, but I still got interested in it. Characters are pretty good, and the acting is well done, especially Jeff Bridges. When it gets to the Grid, the effects look astounding and definitely works in the pixelating world which makes sense in that time period of when the film was made. There were times that I still got a bit bored and wanted the film to go a little bit faster, and it does go back to being interesting when it starts moving forward. The disk action is pretty good, and the lightcycle scenes are very stylish and entertaining to watch. Tron is a very entertaining film that is better than I remember of it.

Jade F (ag) wrote: Based on the best-selling book by Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants is really a step up for romantic movies. Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon create the ultimate old fashioned love story that is truly one of a kind. This movie will make one feel as if they were right there with the characters on their crazy circus adventures.The movie starts off like a classic Nicolas Sparks romance movie with an elderly person that begins to tell the story of a lifelong adventure and then turns the movie into a flashback. Set in the 1930s and around the time of the Great Depression, Jacob Jankowski's (Robert Pattison) life takes a turn for the worst. With nothing left to his name but an old briefcase and a pair of trousers, he sets off to find a new life. Along the way, he meets a beautiful circus performer named Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), who is married to a cruel man named August (Christoph Waltz). August is the ringleader of the "Benzini Bros" circus. Throughout the movie, Jacob and Marlena form a love through a wise elephant named Rosie. Something that really sets the scene for the circus centered movie is the animals. There are horses, lions, tigers, giraffes, and more, but one animal in particular gives Water for Elephants its name. Rosie is a circus elephant that gives the traveling "Benzini Bros" hope in the middle of the Great Depression. The circus did not have an elephant starring in any of their acts and when they needed more money, Rosie pulled through and brought in a larger audience. She also helped Jacob and Marlena grow closer and create the love story that makes this movie unique and even more beautiful. Anyone who watches this movie will easily grow to love Rosie the elephant.Not only the animals, but everything else about the movie is beautifully done. The costumes that circus performer Marlena wears are just exquisite, as well as the other performers involved in different acts. The cinematography as a whole was perfect. Every scene is just as good as the last. They really do a good job of showing what it was like during the Depression era, as well as the chaotic circus life.Another noteworthy aspect of the movie is the acting. Well-known for the Twilight series, Robert Pattison plays another well-written part. Robert really shows the passion through his lines, as if they were not scripted. He also does a great job of getting into his character. Reese Witherspoon, or Marlena, plays a beautiful circus performer. Marlena is someone who is very attached to the circus animals that perform with her, and Reese shows how loving Marlena is with the animals. Possibly the better acting of the movie is from Christoph Waltz, or August. He portrays the crazy circus ringleader amazingly. From the first impression of August, Christoph makes me think he is a good man, but as the movie progresses his character shows his true colors. August is cruel and even terrifying at times, and Christoph does a great job at portraying the "real" ringleader of the circus. Overall, Water for Elephants is a movie worth the watch. Whether or not the viewer is into romance movies, they will be after this. Water for Elephants will make one feel a "circus" of emotions and it will not disappoint.

Gordon P (es) wrote: thought it was quite funny