Phas Gaye Re Obama

Phas Gaye Re Obama

Phase Gaye Re Obama is a comedy set against the backdrop of global recession/meltdown that originated in USA. The film traces the journey of OM Shashtri, an American citizen of Indian origin, who loses all his wealth overnight to the global recession & has been asked to vacate his home by the bank unless he pays up $100,000 (mortgaged amount) within 30 days. Seeing no other option Om comes to India to sell a small piece of an ancestral property. But within days of landing in India he is kidnapped by a 'recession-hit' underworld gang those who think that he is still a millionaire. What happens to Om, is he able to save his home, how did the 'poor' gangster cope with their 'poor' catch & what do small town Indian gangsters have to say to President largely forms the rest of the story. The film, showcases how global recession/ meltdown impacted lives from an America based businessman to underworld dons in the dusty plains of small town India.

A near-bankrupt American is kidnapped by desperate gangsters in India. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin M (nl) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the original films.

Becky B (gb) wrote: I really don't see how this is meant to inspire and I am a Christian myself. It was just creepy and angels don't come to earth as kids like that and angels definitely do not have God's powers and then don't. was just... odd. how everyone is a Christian and wasnt sceptical avout him apart from that angry guy?

Jeffrey N (ru) wrote: In what is becoming a type-cast role for Michael Cera as the soft-spoken, horny teen, Youth in Revolt continues to allow Michael to successfully stay employed in said type-cast role. While his agent may want to spread out his role flexibility a bit, Michael shows he's perfected it with intellectual, social retard, Nick Twisp. His humorous courtship of Sheeni Saunders via the rebellious Francois is adorable and just sweet enough to root for. Surrounded by a surprising cast, including Steve Buscemi, Jean Smart, Ray Liotta, Fred Willard, Justin Long and Zach Galifianakis, this ensemble lends a very strong comedic foundation to the dark story.

Kal X A (ca) wrote: I wasn't keen on reviewing Troy originally, but long story short it was on the Space channel over five times this weekend and I ended up giving up my grudges against this film and sitting through it once or twice because there was nothing else to do and I wasn't motivated enough to climb the flight of stairs to my Blu-Ray collection so here goes.Troy cashes in as a large-scale film mainly because of it's keen casting choices which included Diane Kruger, Brad Pitt, and snagging two of the Fellowship alumni from Lord of the Rings in the form of Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom who directed a lot of hype towards this film, but surprisingly it wasn't as lackluster as I remember it being the last time I watched it back in 2009.Much like the previous Helen of Troy miniseries which came out a year prior, Troy tells a slightly different version of the tale of the union between Helen and Paris and how it caused the fall of the ancient city of Troy. However, unlike the miniseries which is vastly different in terms of story and character personalities, Troy focuses more on the characters and their choice rather than being centred on the events themselves which led up to the Sacking of Troy.The more human-centred approach works well with the different spectrums of versatility the main cast brings to the table, but all things aside the film itself is decently acted most of the way through and the chemistry between Bloom's Paris and Kruger's Helen is evident, as is the platonic relationship between Pitt's Achilles and Bean's Odysseus with Bean giving the film a more world-weary approach which somewhat balances the romance between Helen and Paris although the two lovers and Odysseus barely cross paths within the film itself.The film itself isn't on the same caliber as the opus of Lord of the Rings, or even a few other films based in Ancient times, but it holds up more proficiently than most people give it credit for, and for that I will say that in most ways, it's an okay film. Just not watched five times in a row.

Robyn M (ca) wrote: Great movie canadain meet indain style, wonderful.It insightive, colorful and celebrative with dance and music thats ethnically enriching.A rich man needs to find a bride, his caucasian girlfriend died in a freak accident onsight of her music video. His sister is in love and wants to get on with her life but can't until he finds someone to wed. Almost when hope is lost he encounters a striking bueaty who looks indian but isn't or is she? The fun begins,fantastic movie.

Ben L (ag) wrote: Equilibrium is a film about a post-World War 3 society that has decided the impetus for all wars has been emotion, so in order to avoid the destruction of humanity everyone is forced to take medicine that deadens all emotion. This is enforced by a group of clerics who arrest/kill anyone who feels, and destroy all forms of art. The cast of this film is spectacular. Christian Bale is the star and has a huge arc that he must experience in the movie from start to finish. I don't blame him for some of the issues I had with his character, because I think it was in the writing, but the quantity of "feeling" he does in front of other clerics was off the charts and obvious. It made sense for his character and it was effective emotionally, but the lack of reaction from others when they saw his breakdown broke the logic of the movie. I would have liked a lot more subtlety to his transition, make most of it internal and we only see tiny clues in how his behavior changes. Sean Bean doesn't have a huge role, but he's amazing in his few scenes. I kind of wish he had been a bigger part of the story. In fact, despite my issues with the film (which I will expound upon in a moment) I could probably go through the entire cast and have very few complaints, because they all did well with what they were given.The reason I didn't fall in love with this film is some of the execution of what sounded like a brilliant idea. The concept of removing the very thing that makes us human was fascinating, and the journey of a man who has never experienced emotions slowly discovering them was also a very promising idea. The problem is that, while the world they built was interesting, the story within that world was shoddy. His transition is too dramatic and too fast. It made no sense for him to get away with so much emotion, and other crimes against his fellow law enforcement officers. The conclusion was so poorly done it kind of spoiled everything that came before. The way they jumped from one scene to the next was awful, and the constant reveals of supposed plot twists was horrendous. It's like every five minutes they expect the audience to be gasping with shock, but none of it is all that surprising, and you quickly grow numb to the twists and turns they waited until the end to reveal. The fighting style in the entire film was visually entertaining. It can get a bit overly choreographed and almost comically staged, but I didn't really mind that much. Those action scenes felt very Matrix-like and I enjoyed it. However, I never understood why Bale dominated everyone, including other clerics who were trained the same as him. I realize one of the big reveals at the end tries to justify why Bale's character got away with so much, but it was a bit too convenient and didn't convince me.

Umar E (de) wrote: a very different movie that bring a smile :)

Andrew H (de) wrote: This is one of the sweetest movies ever made I have seen it I don't know how many times. I look at it every time it comes on. Zsa Zsa Gabor look her best in this movie. The colors and story is the best. I just love the puppets.

Jen T (au) wrote: Love love love love this movie!

Ian T (br) wrote: This didn't work at all for me. It was too "Fairy tale hollywood". I think the main thing was we were all meant to love the central character, Eva Lovelace. Although she was very beautiful, she was very annoying. I can't believe Syndney Lumet made this one straight after 12 angry men. I guess this was one for the studios.

Mayank F (ru) wrote: Brake is like buried, but dumber. Doesn't make sense at some point nd goes far to prove nd misses out on a lot. Didn't see the twist coming. Despite the quirks, it was entertaining nd i chose to forget logic for a while just like i did in Battleship.

Jose C (fr) wrote: This movie is way too depressing but it was good. I fell for Penny. I fucking cried at the end.

Riccardo A (nl) wrote: Fine but I wouldn't watch it many times...

Hrant B (es) wrote: This was the best X-Men movie ever made compared to the previous versions this one doesn't come close. Singer made a masterpiece with a great big cast with a strong clever edge of your seat script. The movie reminded me of Matrix Part 3 with time travel involved. Most of the script takes place in the 1070's with the younger x-men characters. In the flick like most X-Men has the Wolverine at the heart of the cast while Professor Xavier is the mind. The only flaw is the number of characters and not enough air time to go around for everyone. Overall this is the best x-men and definitely one to keep in your library.