Philadelphia Experiment II

Philadelphia Experiment II

It is several years after the events of the first movie, and David Herdeg (the survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment from the first film) and Allison (the woman from 1984 he fell in love with) have married and have a child. David awakes, in agony, to a changed world. Germany won World War II and the United States is now about to mark 50 years as a Nazi conquest.

David Herdeg's participation in a failed 1943 experiment in radar invisibility has propelled him 40 years into the future. An aberration in his genetic makeup enabled him to pass through ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philadelphia Experiment II torrent reviews

Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Good movie. Very rude. Got better as it went on.

Jairo A (nl) wrote: A fun 80s movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously. It has some funny moments that keep you interested. Although, in some scenes, it does get a little too silly. It's still enjoyable though.

Ed Fucking H (us) wrote: Definently enjoyed this 'movie within a movie' '88 Horror Film from Spain. Stars Zelda Rubinstein (that weird looking lady from the poltergeist.) Plenty of trippy scary shit freak out sequences. I thought the gore was really well done. Realistic looking enough for the most part, with only a few exceptions. Some might find the movie within a movie angle to get wearisome and confusing (both movies end up in a movie theatre and similar events go down there) but I actually enjoyed it though it took a little bit for me to get into it. Doesn't break the fourth wall so much as it destroys it, really. Still good times for sure for Horror Fans looking for something a little different. Class Art House Horror for sure.

Suellen P (au) wrote: The part that made Marylin a star. It can only raise a question: Why not cast her in other femme fatale parts? She was simply perfect in it. This movie is the proof that studios made a big mistake in not casting Marilyn more often as a femme fatale. When you see all the sexiness she carries throughout the movie you understand the obsession of the other characters surrounding her. It's a very good vehicle and memorable not only for Marilyn but for its other stars who did a pretty good job.

Dylan G (es) wrote: This is a very funny movie! It's Eisenberg's best movie since Zombieland! A+

Dan F (it) wrote: Shedding the claustrophobic intensity and mystery of its predecessor, Black Sun revels in half baked exposition from its opening reel. The silent, interdimensional phantom Nazis of the first film have been replaced with groaning, meandering zombies, and the actual characters have been replaced with generic, impatient and overtly macho squaddies who inevitably die in a range of forgettable ways. I quite like 'Outpost', it's not a perfect film but it's an effective, grim and chilling horror. Black Sun on the other hand is strewn out, boring garbage. What's worse is that it completely robs the first instalment of any mystery or gravitas.