In the 21st century Bucharest to get out in the city on Saturday evening at the arm of a beautiful woman is a financial investment risky. Ovidiu, unassuming high school teacher, never could afford. Looking for a source of income to something more substantial than a teacher salary, Ovidiu plunge into a fabulous world - beggars mob.

Ovidiu, a high-school teacher looking for an extra buck, finds an unexpected way to earn easy money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Philanthropy torrent reviews

Aaron M (ru) wrote: Although atmospheric and greatly acted, Lords of Salem is incredibly boring. Don't get me wron there are some cool visuals and cinematography, but there is nothing scary. Lords of Salem is the worst offering from Rob Zombie.

Raquel T (it) wrote: Un poco lenta, pero entretenida.

Sabrina F (es) wrote: love this movie! one of my favorites!

Susanna A (mx) wrote: Phenomenal dancing. Interesting story and believable cast.

Marc L (fr) wrote: Drame sentimental tha, "Last life in the universe" est une oeuvre contemplative, terriblement contemplative. Cette romance basee sur l'incommunicabilite (les deux protagonistes sont un japonais suicidaire qui parle un peu tha et un prostituee tha qui parle un peu japonais) deploie paresseusement ses appts au fil d'evenements et d'interactions si cotonneux et irreels que les quelques gags pince-sans-rire et l'arrivee d'une poignee de yakuzas sur la fin en deviennent compltement hors-sujet. Car, au del de la serenite hors-du-temps d'un amour en eclosion, il y a dans le chef du realisateur Pen-Ek Ratanaruang une bonne dose de posture. Parfois, ces poses seduisent (l'onirisme du "rangement magique" de la maison); le plus souvent, elles masquent l'incapacite conferer de la substance un film trop ethere pour passionner, et qui se reduit ds lors un pur exercice formel.

Jeff H (nl) wrote: Not a serious film but is a 90's version of an 80's movie in my mind. All of my friends have seen it and still quoate lines from it.

Bryan D (au) wrote: When I rented this film I was unaware of its deeply religious nature. The film itself is painfully bad and they practically beat you over the head with their 'message' from start to finish. If its your cup of tea you might enjoy it but its not really an "entertainment" film at all. Michael York puts in the cheesy, hammy performance of our generation.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Dull and pointless. Tries to copy The Exorcist (well, at least they aimed high), and add in some mystery and drama, but it all just seems to go nowhere. Very quickly seems unoriginal and directionless.Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette do the best they can with a dud script and listless direction.

Ben D (mx) wrote: It's interesting and simplistic visual style as well as its lack of an actual plot separate this movie from others of the genre. And that is certainly not a bad thing.

Brad S (gb) wrote: Peggy Sue Got Married is a weird yet fascinating mix of sci-fi, cheesy comedy and emotional nostalgia from director Francis Ford Coppola. I probably shouldn't like this movie as much as I do, but Coppola and his team put together some scenes that stir absolutely incredible emotions in me that no other movie I've seen quite does. And it's continued to do so from when I first saw it in the 80s, right up to today. Music Composer John Barry is definitely a big part of the magic with his curious and haunting dramatic score. And Kathleen Turner somehow makes her teenage character believable through her body language, navet and curiosity. This film has a host of problems, like Nic Cage's over-the-top bad character, continuity goofs, and just plain cheesy bits...but somehow I get past all of that because the whole has such strong meaning for me. And individual moments are worth getting thru the bad to get to them. In the end, this movie will always be on my radar because it just did enough right to get into my heart and soul.

Ilsa L (ca) wrote: Michael Caine is very believable again in the second in the trilogy of Harry Palmer movies based on Len Daighton's novels. A terrific downbeat spy thriller that keeps you guessing.