A man is forced to marry a tree to ward off ill-luck that surrounds his love-life which turns into a nightmare when the tree is embodied by a spirit with an unfinished business.

A man must marry a tree to ward off threats to his love-life, but the tree turns out to have more spirit than the man bargained for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aurlie J (mx) wrote: excellent ! Gilles Lellouche est trop bien en salaud parfait ;-)

Luis C (mx) wrote: I grew up when Culture Club was huge!!!

David G (ag) wrote: Trs bon sujet de documentaire et divertissant en mme temps. J'ai appr (C)ci (C).

Dylan D (mx) wrote: I was in this movie. You can see me and my friend Eric when Dennis Hopper walks into the bar. Matt Abrams

Nigel F (jp) wrote: This movie is a take on a prejudiced view of Islam, and shows how even everyday normal Muslims can get stereotyped into terrorists. Naseeruddin Shah plays Muslim Cop who faces a British society who is becoming increasingly judgmental and suspicious of him just because of his religion. You can see what he suffers because of this. Terrorists who are Muslim give all Muslims a bad nameAnd it is becoming increasing pertinent to ask the question how much influence should religious views, not only Islamic ones, wield over the psyche of citizens of a state (country)? Is it possible to be a Muslim and a Policeman of a state like the UK, this is a question raised in the movie? How does Naseeruddin answer the question?

Gabi B (mx) wrote: Poor acting is maybe the first thing you notice in this movie. Even the story is good and dancing is impressive it was a bit hard to watch it.

Tim K (br) wrote: One of the funnest cartoon movies ever. Hey Arnold! is a great TV show with, likable characters, witty dialogue, and, its even kind of brilliant. I dont understand why people hate this movie, its entertaining from start to finish. Is it better than the TV show? No. Not even close. But Hey Arnold! The Movie did its job for me and I couldn't ask for more.

Alice S (jp) wrote: This was recently on Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen list, and it certainly is awesome despite its kooky concept of whether Ruby's new lover is a potentially dangerous paranoid-delusional or if he's actually a time traveler from 2470. What I really enjoyed is that I couldn't figure it out either. Sam's backstory and mission are convincingly explained away by some futuristic developments, but everything the shrink says about temporal lobe epilepsy seems valid as well. Vincent D'Onofrio is just sweet enough and just lazy-faced-crazy enough to lend a slight disturbance to this otherwise light romance.

Maximus D (kr) wrote: The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp combo at its best. A frightening and suspenseful flick about the old headless horseman tale.

Brian K (nl) wrote: Only sporadically interesting in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

Michael T (it) wrote: Uncomfortable, sometimes tedious.

Shanna H (gb) wrote: It would take a lot for a movie to be better.

Toby F (nl) wrote: A fun 50's film from the special-effects maestro Ray Harryhausen. The Ymir is a marvelous creation. The climatic rampage is very rewarding.

Kevin D (es) wrote: Not as bad as the rotten tomato score would lead you to believe but not awesome either. as others have noted, pace is really slow early and picks up later but it's too late. it's a good looking film and well acted but others in the genre outshine it.

Jenn T (ca) wrote: Good cast, tried really hard, but just had been done before.