Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee

Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee

Alcoholic movie director, Rahul (Rahul Roy) ends up in a Rehabilitation Centre. Once there, he finds out that there is an inmate who is suicidal and has deep ranging mental problems, namely Pooja (Pooja Bhatt). After an initial clash of personalities, the two become fast friends, and find that there are in love with each other. But Pooja's paranoia and instabillity makes any relationship impossible, and as a result she is hospitalized in a mental institution. Shortly thereafter there is a fire at this institution, and Pooja is killed in it. Rahul is devastated by Pooja's death, and is unable to take her off of his mind. One of his movie actresses, Seema (Pooja Bedi), and his brother Rohit, attempt to divert his mind, without much success. Then Rahul starts getting phone calls from a girl whose voice resembles Pooja's.

Alcoholic movie director, Rahul (Rahul Roy) ends up in a Rehabilitation Centre. Once there, he finds out that there is an inmate who is suicidal and has deep ranging mental problems, namely... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Smashproplaya (br) wrote: Might be funny, the animation is meh, but the writing is off.

Jessica H (it) wrote: This has been done to death.

Summer M (jp) wrote: I hated this movie with all of my being. The movie trailer was so deceiving. It not only made it look better than it actually was, but it was so wrong and disturbing in so many ways. People having affairs and stealing/falling in love with other people. People are chearing on eachother and you're making it look like it's ok, no big deal. We could have done without the porn, thanks. This was the beginning of the concept (deep sarcastic voice) "hey, let's just throw a whole bunch of famous people in one movie with so many different stories thay somehow all connect and it'll be awesome" sort of thing. This started the bismal chain reaction of many others like it suchas: He's Just Not That Into You (which was surprisingly better than this movie) Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve.....By the way, I hate the stereotype that all women love this movie. It was predictable in so many ways, and the way that poor girl's family treated her, basically caling her ugly and fat. There are cardinal rules broken throughout the movie. Some of these couples didn't even make sense. Just, don't waste your time. It was stupid. The only 2 good things was you got to see Rick from Walking Dead not covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, and the girl's voice at the end of the movie. It was a great song, but probably the most played Christmas song of the decade. If I could give negative stars, I so would, this movie sucks! Practically literally thanks to the awkward porn scenes.

Siti Nur U (us) wrote: It was a great movie that teach me about the survival of a man that trapped in an island. Tom Hanks had done a good job in playing his role. This movie also shows moral value like tenacity, love and not giving up in doing something.

Jamila J (us) wrote: I can't help it. I love this movie.

Wrik S (gb) wrote: more of the typical hindi movie, but cutely done...

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Thiago A (au) wrote: O seu roteiro no envelheceu muito bem - j que a outros filmes que fazem retratos mais divertidos e tocantes da velhice - mas so as atuaes que fazem de Um Lago Dourado, um grande e memorvel filme - o que j era esperado, de um filme com uma das maiores atrizes vivas da atualidade: Jane Fona, e protagonizado por duas lendas eternas do cinema: Katharine Hepburn e Henry Fonda.

Christopher O (nl) wrote: A sad cynic view of romance in the modern day but I will say Sudeikis and Brie are goo together and try hard to save the movie. The script is vulgar and poorly written and settles for cheap laughs and has no substance. I only hope these two actors get more chances to shine with better scripts and directing. 07-09-2016