Soon after Ji-won gets a new cell phone, her friend's young daughter, Yeong-ju, puts it to her ear and immediately begins screaming in terror. When other strange things start happening in connection with the phone, Ji-Won does some investigating and discovers that of the people before her who had the same number, almost all of them died suddenly under unusual circumstances. As Yeong-ju's behavior becomes increasingly alarming, Ji-won digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the number's first owner, a high school girl named Jin-hie.

After writing a series of articles about pedophilia, the journalist Ji-won receives threatening calls on her cellular and she changes her number. Her close friend Ho-jung and her husband ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Phone torrent reviews

Darren O (de) wrote: his best stand up to date!

Caragh H (ag) wrote: Yep, people doing things. I see.

Diana S (us) wrote: Excellent and interesting.

Alfin N (au) wrote: In this installment Sion Sono mixes his trademark sex-gore-violence slash exploitation with poetry, artsy pink paintballs, and Kafka. The result? Too predictable.

Denise B (br) wrote: It's a fun time. Still don't know why Rowan Atkinson is on the cover... He had like one scene!

Ricky C (kr) wrote: A father's confidence, love and support to his son. A devoted life. It's really a beautiful movie.

Warren M (kr) wrote: Just what you'd expect. Should be interesting to see what they do with part 4. For the record, bodycount: 10

Chantal B (es) wrote: Surprisingly good film that takes a different road than the original.

Darach U (de) wrote: The worst comedy I've ever seen the whole way through. It doesn't get better at any point and reeks of desperation.

Jay S (au) wrote: Nice trivial entertainment for an idle afternoon. The funniest thing is the sight of Charlie Sheen in Coke-bottle horn-rims.

Leeda S (kr) wrote: A while back I delved into the sequels to Lucio Fulci's Zombie, the Italian answer to Night of the Living Dead and a stand-alone classic in its own right. Zombi 3 (the confusingly numbered sequel to Fulci's tribute sequel) is a bad movie wonderland, and deserves a place in anyone's fun-bad movie collection. The plot is pretty much grafted from better predecessors: on an island nation a government bacteria-warfare project gets stolen by a terrorist who is then infected. He runs to a hotel where the army finds him and seals off (i.e. kills) everyone in the premise to avoid further spread. But they have the body burned, the ashes infect the birds. The birds then swoop down on an RV full of beauties on vacation who are flirting with jeep-full of Italian army hunks on vacation. Pretty soon you've got your basic 'small group of people against the zombies' plot, with plenty of fun fight sequences, damsels and dudes in distress jumping into pools for no reason, and great looking zombies doing entertaining things like roosting in rafters to swing down and grab people. The action saves the show from the acting, which is terrible--my favorite performance comes from the doctor who talks with his finger; every word is paused on and emphasized with this wagging finger to the point of total distraction. Nowhere near the artistic horror level of Fulci's Zombie or the Beyond, Zombi 3 is B-action-zombie cheese on rye--or focaccia as the case may be!

Bethany Q (ca) wrote: The music didn't fit, the situations were bordering on boring. Based on a true story, alright, but I really expected more out of a movie with such big names. The acting was spot on, it was the storytelling that was really boring.

Heather M (es) wrote: Burt Reynolds - enough said!

Andrew B (nl) wrote: I have to say, aside from its less-than-perfect acting, it had an interesting premise.

Fiona D (mx) wrote: A brilliant movie...perhaps my fave movie of all time, but you need a box of kleenex at the ready...

Alejandro E (fr) wrote: Una experiencia sonambula y esquizofrenia, con cierto sabor a nostalgia por los aos 80s. Buena opcin para una fria tarde de viernes.

Tiago C (mx) wrote: A simple film, but extremely friendly and positive. Tells a true story, a supporter of Stoke City with mental problems, with their friendliness and hard face, I could make friends with many famous people. Until one day he found himself City manager turned his friend and was hired to be the City wardrobe. Since then, it became a symbol supporter, who has even music in the stadium.

Lovro H (it) wrote: _REWATCH REVIEW_This movie has nothing to it. The story doesn't really go anywhere, until the end comes, the characters aren't that well developed, the acting is a bit clunky and the usual mind twisting ending isn't really that unexpected in this one. The traps, however, are quite interesting and that part of the movie still works very well. Strahm's story comes to an end in a very gruesome, but expected way, while Hoffman gets away, again. Most of the movie is retrospective on the previous traps and the history of Hoffman, which isn't all that intriguing. All in all, a decent sequel, but nothing out of the ordinary, what happened in this movie could've easily been put into 20-30 minutes, but the director just added lots of retrospective to fill the runtime.

Jc E (jp) wrote: The ninth star trek movie since the first star trek movie made in 1979, Just 20 years apart but light years apart when it comes to technology.and life like images on screen. More than the advancement in imagery, it was the stellar cast made up of Jean Luc-Picard at the helm and the ever dependable mechanical Data and the war competent klingon Mr Worf by his side that made this second generation of star trekkies so irresistible. This was my favourite Star Trek movie so far because I am sentimental at heart. Who could resist a bad guy turned good guy and to be united with his mother who looked a 100 years younger than him?

Janine R (ru) wrote: Becoming a real Paul Bettany fan!