Phony Express

Phony Express

Set in the old west, the stooges are three tramps wanted for vagrancy. After ruining a medicine peddlers show, they arrive in Peaceful Gulch where a picture has been printed declaring them to be three famous lawmen coming to clean up the town. Assigned to guard the bank, the boys have the local gang scared at first, but when the gang learns who the stooges really are, they rob the bank. The boys go in pursuit, find the bad guy's hideout, subdue the bandits and recover the money. Written by Mitch Shapiro

Set in the old west, the stooges are three tramps wanted for vagrancy. After ruining a medicine peddlers show, they arrive in Peaceful Gulch where a picture has been printed declaring them ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (nl) wrote: In "Gayby," Jenn(Jenn Harris) is a yoga instructor in New York City who feels her life is going nowhere. Not only does she feel like a glorified messenger at work, but she is also single. That is also with her biological clock ticking. Loudly. So, she approaches Matt(Matthew Wilkas), her best friend from college who now works in a comic book store where he tries to avoid his ex-boyfriend, about having a kid together. He agrees, even if being physical together is more than a little awkward after they reject the turkey baster method. With delicacy and much humor, "Gayby" handles a complex subject well and smartly.(Definitely compared to the time it came up on "Warehouse 13" recently when it felt creepy. Maybe it was just those two characters.) While almost wearing out its welcome, the characters never do, as they live and work in a New York City full of loneliness that is countered with extended non-traditional families. Personally, I find it cool that it is also a city full of comic book stores where stereotypes can be challenged and gay archetypes explored.

Terri H (es) wrote: Very slow quite boring I thought no intensity to this thriller

Ben W (au) wrote: with this film ramin bahrani establishes himself as one of the elite filmmakers to watch in the coming years. chop shop is so consumed by the environment that its characters are in that its impossible to not to become completely absorbed in this film. it is of the same caliber of film as wendy and lucy, kelly reicharts film from 2 years after this. alejandro, the main character of the film brings you in immediately. bahrani quickly establishes him as a hustler but one out of necessity. he scrapes together a living by any means available to him. in this it has been tagged as an extension of the neorealist tradition (most notably that of de sica). this film is so brilliantly executed, making no implicit, grand statements about poverty in america, treating its characters with every inch of humanity that it can that we cannot help but be in awe of its vision. bahrani is one to watch.

Simon D (us) wrote: Like his music, Jon Bon Jovi's films are terrible. I didn't expect anything different but I just had to see for myself. This is a cheap cliche production line comedy made for people without brains.

Anna L (au) wrote: This is the best romance I have every watched. Period.

Jason S (es) wrote: i thought was a pretty good civil war movie

Herbert R (es) wrote: If you never watched "Highlander: The Series" then this film would probably be a confusing mess. But for those of us who saw it (several times), it was truly glorious.

Demonic N (jp) wrote: This looks really crap.

Momarorgog (fr) wrote: Romantikken mter 80-tallet

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Greg C (it) wrote: Scariest movie I've ever seen. This one sticks with you for a while.

Frank M (es) wrote: How was this missed...

Kat T (it) wrote: I have this movie and love it!!

Nitasha D (br) wrote: This is my absolute favorite movie ever, especially since one of the main themes is millinery!!!!!!!

Shane J (gb) wrote: I've seen worst compilation horror films than this,no story really stands out it's very 90's lol

Simon P (us) wrote: Hancock: Mr. Clumsy to Mr. Superhero The movie Hancock has appropriately demonstrated the old phrase in our modern society: "with great power comes great responsibility." Hancock has all the superpower that anyone can strive for. He is bulletproof, has super-strength, and can fly. Even with these great abilities, Hancock is not appreciated by the citizens of Los Angeles due to his severe alcoholism and carelessness. Beyond the plot of the story, the background music (below stated as BGM) aids not only to create the mood of his ineptness before he meets his "mentor" Ray but also to create the suspense whenever he is on a heroic scene. In addition to the sound effects, visual aids such as Hancock's outfit clearly shows the transition of his image from a homeless drunk to a praise-worthy superhero. The movie starts with Hancock waking up in an old ghetto neighborhood. He wakes up from a bench with his hobo-looking outfit and a box of liquor underneath him, which shows that he has a drinking problem. Then, the boy who woke up Hancock tells him that there are criminals getting chased by police on the highway. After, seeing the situation on the TV, Hancock blasts himself off and flies to the highway, while destroying the road, bench and a fire hydrant during the process. Not only that but also in the beginning of the movie, when he faces the Asian criminals, he flies off with them on the truck and damages the city's buildings. At the end of that scene, Hancock sticks the truck on top of the famous Capitol Records Building as if were dunk-shooting. The background music that was used in this scene is a song called "Move Bitch," written by Lil Jon, which is a hip-hop genre music that aids to create the sense of Hancock's clumsiness. The song reminds the viewers of old ghetto hood, which Hancock usually stays. Although, Hancock has saved a lot of people and helped to lower the crime rates in Los Angeles, he is not appreciated by the citizens of LA since he causes a lot of damages in the city, leading to higher taxes. Due to this, Hancock always feels lonely and alcohol is the only company he has all the time, and the scene where a slow, sad music depicts his loneliness as he drinks alone in the bar. One day, Hancock saves Ray's life from an oncoming freight train. Hancock still gets jeered because he derailed the train and damaged many cars while saving Ray. But then, Ray steps in thanks Hancock in front of everyone for saving his life and asks Hancock to have dinner with him. Hancock then visits Ray more often, which shows that he is feeling kindness in such a long time or for the first time and he wants more of it. Ray believes that Hancock deserves to have a good image for the public as a superhero so he comes with a plan and makes Hancock to go to the jail to pay up all the lawsuits and court subpoenas that he has been ignoring. This scene is the introduction of Hancock's mentor, Ray that changes Hancock's life entirely and the BGM aids to give a sense of starting something new. The BGM has the gospel theme melodies that tells the viewers that something good is to about to emerge. At the jail, Hancock sees a lot of criminals that were sent there because of him. When Hancock was on his way to his cell, two of the criminals blocks his way. Hancock clearly tells them to move because he wants to stay quiet and do his time in the jail but they didn't move. Then, Hancock sticks up one guy's head inside the other guy's anus. This scene was funny for me but knowing that this movie is rated PG-13, it seemed inappropriate for its rating. Not only this scene but also the use of words such as "asshole" or the f-word seemed inappropriate. I get that this movie is a "superhero" movie and to make a good amount of profit the production company needs to set it as PG-13 as it is the sweet-money spot general viewers of heroic movies are usually kids at younger age but in my personal opinion, I would think that the movie would have been better if the movie depicted more of Hancock being just a "cock." When in jail, Hancock gets released early by the request of the chief of LAPD. A group of bank robbers were holding hostages wrapped around with bombs but the police could not go near them since the robbers threatened to blow them if they get closer and that is why Hancock was needed. So then, Hancock makes his intro to the crime scene by flying around the buildings in stealth-speed and in that scene, the BGM with loud trumpet sounds make his intro very dramatic and heroic unlike his past appearances in the movie. In addition, Hancock is wearing his new hero outfit for the first time that was given by Ray while Hancock was in jail. Hancock's new leather jacket outfit and fancy sunglasses show that he has become a "professional" hero unlike his past as a homeless looking clumsy superpower monster. Overall, the movie showed another dimension of the heroic-movie world that all heroes aren't perfect and they do not have to wear a cape or have a funny outfit to look special. Aside from that, the BGM and the appearance of characters did a splendid job to help the viewers understand the plot and to get into the movie. I rate 8 stars out of 10 for this movie.

Michelle T (ag) wrote: A bit long and boring, mostly in the beginning.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Not a fan of Jack Black but I did enjoy it and laughed a few times, More silly than funny.

Steve P (es) wrote: A lightweight film noir that falls flat. Repetitive and lacking in energy. The best part of the movie is when the two main protagonists find themselves in a tight corner but the resolution is too easy attained. Wait for the DVD.