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An atheist is forced to consult an exorcist after his daughter shows signs of being possessed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah F (nl) wrote: I'm a big fan of SlugTerra and I loved every minute of the movie. It was AWESOME

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Rob Zombie made the mistake of having his non-talented wife entirely carry a movie. It started off well enough and has a lot of good autumn and New England imagery but it goes nowhere. Actually Zombie really tries to push the story forward but it doesn't make any sense and seems to be borrowed from elements of this movie and that movie. It's almost like the theater of the convoluted that doesn't really pay off. The old witch stuff was great as was the music from the record, which is really the only redeeming quality of The Lords of Salem. Once again we have good genre casting with the horrible exception of Sherri Moon Zombie. There were parts of this that justify me not going "The Lords of Salem sucks" but it was a disappointment and there is not much to recommend.

MariePier D (ag) wrote: It was OK, hum... I just remember Mark Wahlberg ! I think It's one of the best love story I've seen in years. A really cute couple.

Andy T (au) wrote: Emotional, fantastic, and beautiful, Hugo is one of the finest works from Martin Scorsese, taking the audience through an adventurous journey into an homage to the greatest form of entertainment ever created and a heartfelt tribute to one of the pioneers that led to modern cinema today.

Harisa L (fr) wrote: This was a great movie.

Johnny L (it) wrote: Think of the most messed up family you can possibly imagine. The family in this movie is that x2. This is a really, really dark comedy.

Brett B (br) wrote: Even with Mikey's return, this film was way over the top in the kill scenes. Many totally unbelievable or way cheesy. The highlight is the ending, it gets a couple of stars by itself.

Steve G (kr) wrote: I've said it before, & I'll say again; nobody creates more beautiful pictures than Ozu. They're like living poems. They might be the best films about family ever made. I'm not sure where I rank it in Ozu's Noriko trilogy; but for it to even compare to the other two is an accomplishment. Setsuko Hara may be my favorite actress of all time. The ending is especially powerfully moving. The only issue is the same one I had with 'Late Spring' -- the dearth of scenes of Noriko with her love interest. I'd have preferred more.Flixster reviewers are awful. Stupid assumptions based on looking at everything through a narrow, myopic PC lens. Beat it.

Jason G (gb) wrote: 80% for its era, 70% across time - a classic. Chevy Chase's best work.

EricTravis S (br) wrote: This would have fared better as a mini-series with a few more hours to delve into the social implications of what had happened if Deutschland had in fact won World War II (something that many still wonder why never happened). Although an extremely clever premise, the execution of this film fell short in the third act, seemed a little rushed, and had more than one epiphany that waas lacking plausability even on the best of days. There are far more effective "future sci-fis" such as Equilibrium or even Logan's Run. I do applaud the film-maker's courage in making a film about what would happen if the Nazis had won, especially considering how widely unpopular Hitler's Germany is even today. I should add that the climactic finale where President Joseph Kennedy, Sr. of the USA was to meet Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of Germania, involved a night-time gathering surrounded by supporters and lit by torches that was visually stunning. Seeing an older Hitler standing at a podium surrounded by torches (although crazily far-fetched as far as meetings of dignitaries usually take place) was very visually stunning. An interesting film, but again it could have been developped further and been a great film.