Picasso entre nosotros

Picasso entre nosotros


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Jason C (jp) wrote: Darkly comic and wholly satisfying revenge thriller as Stellan Skarsgard takes on the drug dealers who killed his son. Definitely worth catching on Netflix!

Andy F (de) wrote: Neither great nor terrible, despite being gruesome and entertaining, it is just another zombie film that suffers from Walking Dead syndrome.

Yuvnesh M (de) wrote: Nice drama worth a watch!

Vince H (es) wrote: This is going to become a cult movie with a bigger following than Harold & Maude.

ilse g (mx) wrote: para pasar el rato y verla una vez..

Sarah F (ru) wrote: I'd like to see this movie!

Raymond H (ag) wrote: I like it. I bought the DVD before I had a player.

Jason J (ca) wrote: This is not a movie to put in for a relaxing night at home, as its very painful to watch. This is reality. These are situations that are happening right now in homes across the world. This movie is extremely powerful in its portrayal of a working class British family, as the struggle with problems such as drug and domestic abuse. The acting is simply amazing. It practically transcends acting and you feel that you are watching real people struggle through these things. Its a reality show in which the people don't know they're being watched. This movie is a tough journey to take, as its very painful and emotional, but it is ultimately rewarding to sit through it and reach the conclusion. Highly recommended, but be warned, this movie pulls no punches and shows you life as it is.

Andrew P (de) wrote: You thought listening to Pierce Brosnan sing in Mama Mia! was rough, how about listening to him try out a French accent; it's as bad as it sounds. The film itself is one of those bloodless horror films that attempts to pass itself off as intriguing simply because it plays with its own timeline. Sorry, but I dont think so. The roving band of nomads terrorizing Brosnan look like a reject gang from The Warriors. But how scary are these misfits supposed to be when Adam Ant is their leader? Yes, that Adam Ant. I should also tell you that we see most of the film as memory Brosnan's character has inserted into a vacant Lesley-Anne Down's head near the beginning of the film. Don't ask. Nomads turns out to be one of those movies where the characters should have just gotten the heck out of town instead of actually following the bad guy. It's a throwaway piece of mid-80's junk that I'm sure Brosnan never talks about.

Oscar L (mx) wrote: Frank Sintatra playing basically himself which is not a bad thing. There's a sequel to this based the same character and it starred Bruce Wills called 'Die Hard'. It's slow at times but it's interesting watch especially for the cast.

Ian W (us) wrote: Weird ass soundtrack, Guy Pierce, and cannibalism make a great movie

Sabrina F (ag) wrote: love this movie! one of my favorites!