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Liy D (de) wrote: An adorable movie that is well acted, with likable characters, and fun.

Kyle J (gb) wrote: Holy Cow! This movie is hilariously bad. Ridiculous premise, non acting and foolishly cheap production values. The only thing this movie is good for is making fun of with friends.

Peter K (us) wrote: Ok, let's get this out of the way, you can't review this film like other films because it's not. This is basically just a showreel for how fucking hot the SG's are, and at that level this film fucking delivers in giant spades that only titans could carry. If your a guy or a special kind of girl then you should llllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooove this.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: I haven't seen such a pointless film.

Matthew M (es) wrote: Just another "documentary" disguising a politically slanted preach-fest. All arguments are one-sided, no presentation of public schools that DO work (in New Jersey or otherwise), and does little to help the children it so "loving" exploits. You want to change the school system? Get involved in your local school board, hold them accountable. Don't blame the student, the teacher, the administrator, the unions, the overhead, etc. etc. Blame yourself for not being involved in local public education.

Leah F (es) wrote: Good Lord this was a terrible waste of what-seemed-like-200-years time that it lasted. I feel that me smashing my face against a desk until I bled would have made for better watching. The plot was unrecognisable under the hideous acting and effects (that's assuming that there was a plot at all). Horrendous. Utterly horrendous.

Marie S (nl) wrote: Good funny in a bad way.

Amy W (de) wrote: there's complexity in Murakami's quiet and simple worlds that translate very well on screen. Though I must admit, this is my first film based on his work... and I've just read a few of his books.

Sohil S (ru) wrote: Interesting structure

Private U (es) wrote: Definitely amusing- I didn't think I was going to enjoy this one at all, but Ron Jeremy is actually a pretty funny guy.

Bryan W (kr) wrote: What an incredible movie. I decided to watch it because of how cool Robert Redford looked in a promo picture that I ran across somewhere, but I didn't expect it to be one of the most powerful and thought-provoking movies I've seen. It was filmed entirely on location in the mountains of Utah and in several national parks and forests, and the scenery is unlike anything that's in movies now, where the locations are almost always digital effects (check out the ILMVisualFX YouTube channel and you may be surprised).Clint Eastwood was supposed to play the main character, but he couldn't get along with the director so they replaced them with Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack. (Clint made Dirty Harry instead)

Paul J (nl) wrote: Another decent Ford film starring John Wayne. This film didn't blow me away but it does has some remarkable imagery. Very elegant with some strong characters.

omar a (ca) wrote: very good directorial debut for mr bateman, very funny and edgy and has a lot of heart

Landon M (us) wrote: Pierce Brosnan's best Bond movie, and one of the best Bond movies ever. While it doesn't quite reach the heights of Casino Royale and Skyfall, this bond movie is fast-paced, action packed, and filled with awesome moments. The plot is pretty simple, but the execution is great. Brosnan kills it as Bond, Sean Bean is great, and Famke Janssen is marvelous. The plot has more depth than most Bond movies, and the action is mindblowing. There are some story-points that don't mesh well, and it isn't anything extraordinary. However, it stands out amongst the Bond crowd. 8.75/10

Blake L (us) wrote: Was good, but not great. 3D was a waste of time, it had a lot of corny jokes, and some plot holes. Very cool effects though. The first scene before the credits was jaw dropping. Worth a watch and probably a Blu-ray purchase, but not as good as the first one.

Ryan P (es) wrote: Best movie in a long time, you have to see it.