Pickman's Muse

Pickman's Muse

An artist, Robert Pickman, becomes obsessed by visions of unworldly horror, revealed to him through an ancient artifact discovered in an abandoned church.

An artist, Robert Pickman, becomes obsessed by visions of unworldly horror, revealed to him through an ancient artifact discovered in an abandoned church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny W (de) wrote: An enjoyable rom com that ladies and gentlemen will adore from start to finish!!! The cast and the direction from Tim Story is excellent!!!

Gaspar O (nl) wrote: Terrible acting, terrible camera work, terrible special effects, but I'm a sucker for a movie with a ghastly beast that feeds off rotting corpses with that slurping, smacking sound. Yum!

chris n (nl) wrote: Ridiculous, campy, hyperviolent and hilarious. Similar to Machine girl, more coherent story. This movie is fun whether you are stoned or not; but obviously it's better high. Just make sure you peak during the big robot sequence and if you are drinking milk wear a poncho. I don't want to say more, it will spoil it.

Ram R (ag) wrote: I cant find this in netflix. Can you send me the movie?

Paul D (jp) wrote: Exceptionally good film! Fantastic acting and linked in with it being based on a true story makes it a must see. 5*

Kassy S (mx) wrote: this movie looks really good and i can't wait to see it.

Rick L (de) wrote: A bit strange but I found it enjoyable. Ominous implications.

Jake Z (mx) wrote: From Hell is one of those films that I'm aware of the fact that it isn't a very good one, and yet I still like to watch it for it's lavish production values, thick atmosphere, and the fact that I'm a true crime/unsolved mysteries junkie. Especially when it comes to Jack The Ripper. Also, this is one of Depp's most underrated performances. Still, it's definitely overlong at 2 hours, a bit slow and dull in the second half, and Graham is miscast.

Sara V (ru) wrote: I love a true story!

Bill B (de) wrote: Another podcast-related viewing, breaking into the Colors Trilogy off the To-Watch Pile. I actually thought I'd seen this during the VHS days, but nothing about it seemed familiar, so perhaps I was thinking of 'White' instead?At any rate, this comes recommended.

Andrew R (ru) wrote: An enjoyable Woody Allen film that takes elements from films like Fritz Lang's masterpiece M, and Bergmans Stardust and Tinsel. A film that isn't as much of a comedy as I was expected but still had its funny moments. The film is much more enjoyable on an intellectual level I like some of the subjects Allen discusses in this feature. Certainly not his best work, but definitely has enough in it to enjoy with a stellar supporting cast.

Brian F (us) wrote: I don't understand why anyone would recommend this movie. It's annoyingly predictable . I couldn't get past the fact the husband willingly left his wife alone with a complet stranger in the middle of the ocean,.... really?

Wally W (nl) wrote: They say if you remember Woodstock you weren't actually there. Well, if you weren't in a band and on the dole you didn't witness the 80's, anyway this Aussie slice-of-life captures the attitude, atmosphere and odours very well in the fact we were self-obsessed, shallow "Countdown" watching bastards! Get the new 2-disc edition with the metal, powdercoated case with the excellent documentary "We're Living on Dogfood".....DVD Gold!!

william m (br) wrote: An alarming satire on television that is all too relevant still today. Although I think the plot sometimes meanders from the central focus, there are an impressive amount of rants here that will last the test of time. This movie makes me mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Dillon L (ru) wrote: The best Generation movie awesome

kelly k (kr) wrote: i want to watch dis dey say its the best plz let me watch it plz