Picture Claire

Picture Claire

After her Montreal apartment burns down and her possessions are reduced to ash, Claire Beaucage heads to her boyfriend's place in Toronto, only to find that he's missing. Then the police mistake her for Lily Warden, a sinister woman who killed a local gangster and happens to live in the same building as Claire's boyfriend. The police pursue a bewildered Claire while a gang of criminals chases after Lily.

A woman gets in way over her head when she's in the wrong place at the wrong time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy C (kr) wrote: Brilliant. This film didn't suffer the few issues that the first had. Nascimento and Matias are both likeable by the end. Possibly the only drawback is the degree of cartoonishness that the fat politician (Fortunato?) brought. However, the general public is stupid so I suppose it is possible that such a person could be elected.

Justin M (br) wrote: This film was well worth watching, even with it's shortcomings for the scenery and setting alone. I wish I could see more films set in this time period showing the conflicts that this one does. It seems like stories about the rise of Christianity to power in the world would be filled with either a polemic of anger and resentment, or a glossing over abuses that is very close to blatant plagiarism. It's a polarizing bit of history that certainly isn't easy or without warranted levels of controversy. It's a subject not for the faint of heart if any attempt is going to be made to handle the conflicting viewpoints fairly. This film, while not without shortcomings, tries very hard to handle sides fairly. I felt the story was told honestly and that it didn't both to try and involve itself in making political/religious statements outside of what the characters express about the decisions they wrestle with. The "pagans," the Jews, and the Christians are all treated fairly, and I would hope anyone who watches this film will be inspired to try and discover more about the history that has shaped our world. I actually want to watch the film again on BluRay just to take in the beauty of some of the shots. It's a lovely little epic that was unfairly panned by nearly everyone.

Anna B (gb) wrote: Contrived, predictable and lacking in tension, with some truly awful performances. Leo seems completely out of place.

Matt U (ru) wrote: Very much eh. Samuel L Jackson was really good in that he wasn't playing himself like he seems to do in many many many films. Overall it didn't leave me feeling good or bad, just indifferent.

Gregory G (au) wrote: This unheralded drama by Spike Lee fuses post 9/11 era anxiety with regret in detailing the final hours of a convicted New York drug dealer (Edward Norton) before his incarceration begins. It is perhaps the only movie made in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks that captured the mood of that time. Lee shows great assurance here and limits the expected indulgences, while expressing surprising pathos to conventional material. Norton brings his usual intensity to the role, but he also has the sensitivity to reveal a man with remorse at his wasted life. As a cocky stockbroker, Barry Pepper shows the conflicted feelings - both brutally honest and mealy-mouthed - of a close friend that rings truthful. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a straight arrow teacher, Rosario Dawson is the beautiful girlfriend, Brian Cox is the loyal father, and Anna Paquin is a provocative student. All give exceptional performances. Former football player Tony Siragusa is perhaps a bit too broad a caricature as a Ukrainian associate. David Benioff adapted his own book. Cinematography is by Rodrigo Prieto; music is by Terence Blanchard.

Jonathan L (ru) wrote: Inga, I love you more than any guy has ever loved a girl that he's never spoken to before, and I was wondering; Inga, will you have sex with me?

Lesbian W (fr) wrote: great movie with lesbian theme

Carlton R (kr) wrote: Burning hot cast, Vanessa Redgrave , Lloyd Bridges , Christopher Lee , among other stars, Redgrave's accent is dire, The story is based on Maclean novel, but differs greatly, The plot at times is confusing, but it's a not a bad spy thriller, set in lovely scenery, but far from a classic by any means. The story is basically, A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to the barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that there is Gold in one of the submarines than studying climate change, during all of this a number of deaths and accidents occur.

Kevin D (br) wrote: crazy tv movie about a disturbed teenage outcast living between the walls of a family's new house. oh shit, Kim Hunter is in this?

Christopher R (au) wrote: This is a beautifully crafted cinema experience by Zeffirelli. Most of it is close to the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare, but the director did take a few forgivable liberties. It would be especially meaningful for Christians who want to understand why the two saints wanted to lead lives of simplicity in an era when poverty often meant starvation.

Richard P (us) wrote: Great writing here. Not a typical western. Well done. It's a lesson I learned a long time ago. A man worth shootin' is a man worth killin'.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Recommended by Gaston.

Ricky F (ru) wrote: There is absolutely no excuse for this movie. A poorly written screen play, poor editing, mediocre acting. I've got to say it: the emperor has no clothes. For you own sake, please give this one a miss.