Pieces of Talent

Pieces of Talent

This story centers around Charlotte, a struggling young actress who can't catch a break. In an effort to support herself and her hopeless mother, Charlotte holds a job as a cocktail ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2014
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This story centers around Charlotte, a struggling young actress who can't catch a break. In an effort to support herself and her hopeless mother, Charlotte holds a job as a cocktail ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pieces of Talent torrent reviews

Michael H (nl) wrote: The gangster and the inconvenient girl. Motivations are left too much to the imagination but there's some good moviemaking in play here.

Lucas M (ag) wrote: The top tier performances worked against the film as it focus too much on its star studded cast rather than substance.

Coop L (br) wrote: Singleton is a good director, and he captured a western type of essence, particularly in the action sequences, which were few and far between. The same old performance by Wahlberg and some ight supporting actors. I'm telling you though, there should have seroiusly been way more action. Except there is this one scene where a fat group of armed fools goes up to the brothers' house and a kickass gunbattle ensues.

Walter M (de) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "House of Sand," it is 1910 and Aurea(Fernanda Torres) is pregnant and married to Vasco(Ruy Guerra), an older man who abuses her and drags her and her mother Maria(Fernanda Montenegro) to a remote area of Brazil where he has purchased land on the edge of the desert where they encounter a colony of escaped slaves, causing much of their party to desert. Aurea is reluctant to stay, saying that she had no idea it was going to be like this. Vasco's cruel treatment of her does not help and indeed causes Maria to contract with one of the ex-slaves to kill Vasco. When that does not work, part of an unfinished house falls on him, simultaneously killing him and possibly proving the existence of a higher power. Left alone, mother and daughter now petition for help from Massu(Seu Jorge) of the slaves' colony.[/font][font=Century Gothic]"House of Sand" is a beautifully shot contemplation on the nature of life with a unique setting where a moment can feel like eons or a decade can go by in the blink of an eye. Also under consideration is space and how there may be no place remote enough to ever be completely free. In searching for one, a person may end up in a trap worse than anything he was fleeing.[/font]

Giano P (ag) wrote: it easily became one of my favorite films ever and probably the best coming of age gay flick i've ever seen (i'm still up to see Beautiful Thing and we'll see). a bittersweet experience that's both funny and emotional, Get Real is an effective teen movie that glorifies love and acceptance. i really love it... and i'm beginning to fall for the accent, too.

kevin c (ag) wrote: one of the best drama movies I've ever seen.

Tim B (ag) wrote: After watching two of my favorite action stars in several recent movies (Van Damme and Lundgren), the nostalgia in me came about and I suddenly had a flashback to this flick. I rummaged through my attic VHS collection an had a sit down with Universal Soldier. I still remember seeing this on the satellite dish for the first time and being totally wowed by it. It was good to go back to that feeling of being a kid and not giving a sh*t about rent, bills, work etc. This is one of those flicks that makes me a seven-year-old again and I needed that kick. People who be hatin' on flicks like this, go at it all you want. I don't write this stuff because I am trying to give the final say on what people should watch. I like discussing movies, I like interpreting movies and these type of movies speak to me. I don't think these movies are dumb by any sense of the word. They're made to entertain us and for all the intense dramas and 'sophisticated' thrillers, we get the action flick with badasses ready to keep us amused without subplots or subtext. I, for one, can use them every now and again and this one is one of my favorites! A lot of hand-to-hand combat, fighting, guns, chase scenes and many moments of bloody violence! Not solely relying on action, the flick also kept the look and feel of the film and Roland Emmerich's amazing eye was on top of that. The color blue gave the flick a surreal look and the odd artistic touches he put in various parts was the cherry on top (all about those angles!) Granted, the film's plot isn't the most involving but it didn't want to be either. It still managed to bring some softer moments to the table. I didn't swoon over it but I still bought them nevertheless (especially when it came to Van Damme's character). Speaking of Van Damme, the man underplayed the part and it worked in his favor. The man's a great actor, period. Dolph Lundgren also shines and gets to showcase some pretty morbid moments. Made me forget his blah role in Stash House fairly quickly. Ally Walker made her role a lot better than it had right to be. She also made me chuckle (intentionally) a few times! Ed O'Ross is a major character actor and does no less than he has before. Shines as always. On the downer, the same reason I praised the movie was sort of what I fault it for. The movie didn't really delve a lot on the story side of things. There was some development in terms of the dualities in the 'human vs robot' side but then dropped to make way for the action. I can't complain but I would've liked some kind of payoff as I was invested once it surfaced. Alas, I didn't get it, but the substitute worked well enough in the meantime! This is a no- holds-barred, action-packed, well shot and (at times) funny flick that defines well what ENTERTAINMENT means to me. Loved the flick and will gladly see it again in the future!

Derek K (ag) wrote: You'd think it'd be fun to watch crazy Anthony Perkins. But in this case you'd be wrong.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: Silly and occasionally poor, it's still a good sequel that was in the position of expanding the mythology of the original while proving genuine thrills, minimal amount of warmth, and moments of unintended humor trying to fit in. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Graeme L (gb) wrote: this is a very moving and passionate love story. The plot works well and the direction is good. The producers of "The L Word" referred to this film

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Philip Marlowe isn't too impressed with his job, which is turning off toasters, until one beauty of a toaster saves his life. Can a man fall in love with a toaster? And will the toaster love him back? Ridley Scott's interpretation of the future may be overrated, but is positively thick with noir atmosphere and foreboding. And one of my personal favs.

D M (ru) wrote: A not-very-funny Chevy Chase film. Starts off OK, but I guess when it gets rolling and the plot is developed a bit, it starts to sink. Predictable and no comic timing.

La Shonda C (mx) wrote: The original hood movie!

Private U (mx) wrote: This is arguably one of the first revisionist westerns, in it's bleak and uncompromising view of the western myth. In one of his last roles, Gary Cooper gives a very subdued, but effective performance as Linc Jones, the reformed outlaw forced back into his old gang. Even though it's not as iconic, this is a better film than High Noon and one of the greatest westerns I've ever seen. Now, I need to see more Anthony Mann pictures!

Michelle W (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It did something most old movies don't do...made me laugh outloud multiple times.

Carolyn W (nl) wrote: I can't believe I'd never seen this all the way through. There are plenty of great moments beyond just Judy singing "Get Happy" and Gene Kelly dancing with newspaper (although those moments are brilliant).

Johnny S (jp) wrote: sequel to 1978 "every which way but loose" in 2 years. clint eastwood return reprise as philo beddoe who retired fighter but he continues return to the fighter. orangutan named clyde are return again (but different orangutan from the first one) and still starring return with geoffrey lewis and sondra lock... and with 'black window' again but the funniest with the wigs lol. lol nice movie "10" with bo derek turn face to ma (ruth gordon).

Fred O (it) wrote: It's so bad that it's actually better than the Avengers films

mike h (br) wrote: great film about doctors, romance, love, life, god complex, you name it, everyone is top dog in this, it does not get any better then this, stellar performances.

Gotham H (br) wrote: Some Terrific Craziness ! ??Spectacular! ????