Piercing Brightness

Piercing Brightness

A young Chinese boy and girl are sent on a mission to retrieve the 'Glorious 100' - agents who were sent to this planet millennia ago to study and observe.

A young Chinese boy and girl are sent on a mission to retrieve the 'Glorious 100' - agents who were sent to this planet millennia ago to study and observe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaiyan A (es) wrote: It's a sequel! Enough said.

Matt L (jp) wrote: Electrick Children feels like one giant missed opportunity. Along with a series of misfires and general blunders in the script, the film feels like it could have been so much more but fell well short of its potential.Just the simple synopsis on Netflix was enough to make me give it a shot and, while I don't feel like I wasted an hour and a half of my life by any means, it could have been so much better. The fish-out-of-water story of a devout Mormon trying to find her child's father after she believes she was impregnated by a song on a cassette tape is original and set up for a unique adventure but ultimately bumbled through a script that didn't know what it wanted to be.I honestly can't put my finger on if it's the script or the performances, but I felt almost nothing for the characters in the film or really invested in their respective stories. Nothing seemed to be set up or paid off correctly and it made the entire movie feel extremely flat and left me wanting more resolutions. I'm all for subversion and twisting a story or even leaving things open ended, but when every minor twist or set up was met with such flat outcomes I could not help but just feel numb to the whole thing. I was constantly waiting for the plot lines to turn into their more interesting outcomes but it never happened. That boring thing you thought was going to happen always happened.A lot of lazy writing also plagued the script with way too many "for convenience" moments leading to key character developements. A lot of the time characters just happened to be in the right places at the right times.While the film lacked any kind of style in the majority of its visuals and writing, it definitely made up for it with sound design. Aside from the obvious soundtrack having a big impact on the movie, little sound details helped pick up some of the slack for other lacking aspects. Being broad here to avoid spoilers, but I liked how it one part of the movie especially when she's leaving a doorway the sound crescendoes as the noise in her life builds then when she exits the building it all goes away and she's at peace. It's details like that that kept this movie from being a total flop in my eyes.I also really appreciated how subdued the "antagonists" were. The main character's father was essentially a cult leader and, while you still were given that sense of dread and fear that she certainly has, they didn't need to show him being overly violent or yelling and screaming to get the point across.Despite all she went through, the main character never really seemed to grow or change. Maybe on the most superficial level of things she was forced to see and learn, but that's about it.I don't know, this is a weird movie for me to judge. Definitely didn't hate it, and even enjoyed myself at times, but it was far from great and I don't know that I'd recommend it unless you want a film with some great sound design and little else.

Kurt B (au) wrote: Complete and utter garbage.

Rob H (au) wrote: lots of twists in this movie but the ending was weird

Michael P (au) wrote: A great and thoughtful movie about a faithful and authentic person!

Mario B (it) wrote: Meant to be watched while stoned or there-alike. Can become repetitive. But only if your not fully entranced.

Conrad M (de) wrote: Crikey. David Tenant gives an awful lifeless performance. Patrick Stewart gives a solid performance of Claudius, though this cannot save it.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Sneakers is an excellent film. It is about a group of five renegade computer hackers who are hired by the government to steal a black box from the mathematician who invented the device. Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier give excellent performances. The script is well written. Phil Robinson did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Sneakers is a must see.

Grace M (ag) wrote: i remember going to the movies 3 of us.....got heavy lessons on sharing and not to be jelous

Julie B (kr) wrote: watched this film when i was aged about 10yrs old, & its still one of my most favourite films now, the acting is superb,by all, especially the little boy charlie & hayley mills. i still cry at the end even now!

Grard K (nl) wrote: An interesting Jekyll and Hyde meets Caveman Monster Movie. You can most definitely see the quick cash point here with some very bad acting and even worse SFX

Gregory W (jp) wrote: just ok B movie which elevated by a great cast like jagger & newley.

Andrew N (jp) wrote: Super entertaining and funny. An enjoyable film but also brutal and dark.

Ron M (jp) wrote: great cast had to see Rebecca and Laura hang out