Pierino Strikes Again

Pierino Strikes Again


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Pierino Strikes Again torrent reviews

Jimmy M (br) wrote: Lame script and lame acting. Just blah.

Heather T (br) wrote: Hot guys... lots of tears, and the truth about the war and the government treating our soldiers.

Cecily B (ag) wrote: cute movie, not as good as charlottes web but still interesting and funny

Josh E (fr) wrote: A bit of mis-match of a movie.

Crystal D (au) wrote: I can watch over and over again!!!!!

Christopher Y (ag) wrote: A wonderful, enchantingly nostalgic story directed by George Stevens and starring the magnificent Irene Dunne. Told from the daughter's memories of her Norwegian Mother, Dunne's portrayal is perfect as the stoic but tender-hearted Mama. The cinematography and overall craft bring authenticity and poignancy to immigrant life in 1910's San Francisco.

Luke S (es) wrote: I really like the darker tone on this movie. It's a very good movie with amazing action sequences and humor.

Kevin L (ca) wrote: Comedy classic. If you haven't watched this movie you have to watch it twice in a row!

Andrew L (it) wrote: It's cheesy, it's over-the-top but somehow not fun.

marlone (ca) wrote: best movie with two top actresses