Piet Piraat en de betoverde kroon

Piet Piraat en de betoverde kroon

Pirate captain Snorrebaard presumed a court wizard's curse void, but when he stole and tried on the plundered castle's golden crown, it trapped him in a drifting portrait of himself. It's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Piet Piraat en de betoverde kroon torrent reviews

Ethan A (ag) wrote: BEST BRONY DOC EVERY!

Julie C (it) wrote: Great way to show people that western medicine and prescription drugs are not always the way to go. Saw the movie in Chicago t was awesome.

Andy C (ca) wrote: I'm a paranormal freak, this one I'd worth the watch, but fell way short in the acting department!

Alex S (nl) wrote: Not great, but an entertaining B movie sci-fi thriller with Bruce Campbell.

lou (ca) wrote: Una linda historia de como trabaja lo que llamamos destino en el amor.

Murphy A (de) wrote: excellent foriegn film, one of my personal favorites. only problem: unrated and has a ton of sexual content, and not american sexuality. this movie might have been rated NC-17 in the US.

Ben L (jp) wrote: Make no mistake, this movie is bad. It might be one of the most misguided Christmas movies I've seen. First of all it starts with the standard trope from 90s movies where we are told a parent is bad because they have a full-time job. It is accentuated because they miss some event in their child's life, and despite all appearances that they do have genuine love for the child after the fact, missing this event means they are completely misguided and need to do something to prove they are worthy of being a parent. It is so overused that I find myself rolling my eyes before they even hit the 15 minute mark in Jingle All the Way. The crazy part of this movie is that from there it only goes downhill. Arnold's willingness to use any means necessary to get a particular toy for his son leads him through a series of downright farcical scenarios that would be hard to buy even in a cartoon. The sad part is its not heart-warming, it doesn't seem motivated by love, it is almost a celebration of commercialism. I'm convinced the only way to get through Jingle All the Way is to watch it with a group of friends who will make fun of it with you, because the story is just too depressing and annoying to watch without adding your own humor. Perhaps the only bright spot is a super creepy performance by Phil Hartman, who always knows how to commit to a role even when the material is terrible. Save yourself the trouble...do not waste your time on this sorry excuse for a Christmas movie.

Riley A (de) wrote: More intriguing than i actually thought..pretty heartfelt Rom-Com with interesting characters...maybe it was too short of a film, but other than that pretty good 7.5/10

007 W (kr) wrote: Superman returns is and will always to this day be remembered as amazing, but The biggest problem with this movie is that the script is just stupid