Tomek is 14 and a good student. He's interested in astronomy and plays football to please his father. The only thing is, he lives in a poor little border town plagued by unemployment, whereas across the river lies Germany with all its relative affluence. Tomek meets Marta at a disco and falls in love with her. He starts to think up ways of earning money in order to keep her interested. He approaches a pimp who seeks out local boys for his German clients. Tomek has no idea of the brutal fate which awaits him.

Tomek is 14 and a good student. He's interested in astronomy and plays football to please his father. The only thing is, he lives in a poor little border town plagued by unemployment, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reini U (ru) wrote: ExcellentI was very curios and a bit sceptical. The material had a lot of red flags, there was never any watchable film about child sex trafficking so far. A young polish cameraman who only shot really bad films, and now an european cameraman in india the country with the usually best camera in the world. The most important producer in India marries a famous actress and then she is making this movie, with her as a new indian Angelina Jolie. Jolie's similar movie was horrible and this one is fantastic. At first, it's an enjoyable genre production with a tough female cop, who likes to joke around and is down to the earth. The child exploitation scenes are not over the top as in the usual morality stories, and even the bad guys are quite charming. What we cannot agree upon is the ending, but I'm sure the un-indian ending was on purpose to heat up the discussion.

Mishaal H (us) wrote: Super funny, one of the best Seth Rogen movies.

Emily B (ag) wrote: Absolutely rubbish worst film ever

vivianne n (mx) wrote: ROG is just but the best

JeanSbastien C (au) wrote: vraiment mauvais tout les points de vue un tel point que a le rends appr (C)ciable, voir avec d'autres et beaucoup d'alcool et drogues

Simon D (it) wrote: I have a Hungarian friend who always complained that the cardboard cutouts of the speed-trap policemen in Hungary were short and fat compared to their Austrian superman-esque counterparts. I never forgot this accusation of negative self-perception and I wonder if that was the basis of this film. This is about three generations of a family who's main character is a speed eating champion and lives in a world where being thin is to be weak. The first part of the film concerns his conception which is totally messed up and pretty disturbing but very funny. The middle, about his career and love-life, also some of the most twisted filmmaking ever, and finally about his relationship with his thin son who is a taxidermist. The end part is a little slow but well worth the wait for the ending. Despite being disturbing, funny, and bizarre, the whole film is made very stylishly with some excellent direction. This film should be a lot more famous than it is. I guess this is down to the fact that it's in the Hungarian language, which, by the way, is one of the most interesting languages I have ever come across, with loads of hilarious phrases and put-downs. I found this to be extremely original but a Hungarian friend was not of the same opinion. aparently there a lot of films like this from Hungary, which I will now be searching for.

Ruthie R (ru) wrote: Sort of long and drawn out, but everyone is so insane that every step is interesting, and the acting is sort of meh, but the bathroom scene and the "torture" scene have nice little places in my favorites now.

Joost S (kr) wrote: The raw emotions in this film make it seem real and thought provoking. Although the ending felt a little distant from reality with the press surrounding the car.

Luc L (ru) wrote: A rarely seen conspiracy horror fantasy thriller B movie directed by Tobe Hooper, in some ways, it was his last decent picture until "The Toolbox Murders" remake. The movies does have an unique premise, Hooper was probably inspired by the book or the movie "Firestarter". But it is Brad Dourif's intense performance makes this strange, sometimes odd film highly watchable. You know, when you watch a "Tobe Hooper" movie, it is more style than subtance and Hooper has a bizarre style (and outragerous sense of humour) to his movies are not always coherent. Most of the story makes sense in this one but the film needed an stronger conclusion, however. I do like Dourif's performance in this, playing normal guy (Which it is rare for him) until his discover his true identity and his power. Watch for director Hooper in a quick cameo and John Landis in a funny cameo. But it is certainly different from Hooper's style, although it does have his oddities. Maybe because this one has more of a story, especially early on. Well made, forgotten B movie. Don't miss it.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: This has Bruce Campbell in it, so it's worth a view. But the best part was Deborah Foreman, circa 1988. Wowsers.

allan r (ag) wrote: brilliant movie even if max is voiced by Pee Wee herman

Wes S (kr) wrote: While it's effects are nice and general plot rather interesting, it's a bit of a gross out with an overall dumb story. There's a lot of disgusting moments and jokes in bad taste. The characters are fun in a sick way. Lots of nice gory effects. The end is a bit lacking, and it does get a little dull.

Tanvir M (jp) wrote: An old, but not dated Australian comedy with an unconventional and unglamorous protagonist (Collette put on 20 pounds to play that role) and her struggles with low self esteem. Uses ABBA's music to its full potential (and paves the way for Mama Mia!) with a stellar supporting cast. Comedy teased out of a lot of cringe worthy moments , but finally uplifting.

John T (gb) wrote: Didnt last 5 mins into this C...

Will M (it) wrote: Brilliantly acted but that is in vain to the out of depth screenplay and direction. In more capable hands this could have been an exhilarating tale of a real like horrifying story.