Pilkarski poker

Pilkarski poker

A comical behind the scenes look at the Polish Football League where everybody involved including the clubs’ management, players, and referees are trying to get some.

A comical behind the scenes look at the Polish Football League where everybody involved including the clubs’ management, players, and referees are trying to get some. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher W (nl) wrote: The whole movie series just went into the racemixing toilet.

The A (kr) wrote: This is one of those films that used to be made back in the 90's. Artsy, slightly pretentious, ambiguous, and always interesting. The one thing that stood out from the entire film is the gorgeous black and white photography. The lights, the shades, the exquisite shots. If nothing else, this film is worth watching for its cinematography alone and I must say, Maestro Francis Ford Coppola can still compose shots that will haunt you, hypnotize you and prove that Avatar ain't worth shit. The story seems to be quite personal and inspired from the Tragedy plays and played for experimental purposes. It's about sibling rivalries. Bennie, a young man in search of his old long lost brother, arrives in Buenos Aires to confront his once genius brother and to find answers to the questions that's been bugging him his whole life. Tetro, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with his past. He hates his famous, genius father, he thinks he's living under his shadow and abandons his entire family. Bennie's caught in between this rivalry and family feud and wants to go deeper into family past, secrets and open up some painful wounds. The plot is very experimental and there isn't much tension or dramatic flair. But Coppola directs it with unique style and wit and the shots are just beautiful and cinematic. The visuals in the film are just spellbinding, the dream sequences stand out. They cover up most of the flaws in the film. Acting wise, the casting was great. Vincent Gallo is terrific in the title role, he fits the character perfectly. Alden Ehrenreich is charismatic in the role of the younger brother confronting bigger brother. Maribel Verdu is a surprise and has a very strong presence. The rest of the cast is just as good. The music is another asset, subtle at moments and melodramatic at others. All in all, this is one of the better Coppola films compared to his recent outings. It reminded me a lot of the artsy, European styled American movies of the past and it's always entertaining. B7.8/10

Anthony B (br) wrote: Tangled has a great Cast, funny momments and great songs to make this a true classic. and a great retelling

Al M (jp) wrote: Another fun film from Amicus after their omnibus horror stage. Essentially a haunted house film, And Now The Screaming Starts separates itself from the general fare by featuring ghostly rapes, monstrous births, torturous flashbacks, and a crawling severed hand that pops up in almost every location. The film feels like a typical historical horror piece from Hammer, but it features some surprisingly brutal elements. If you are a fan of Hammer or other Amicus films, then And Now the Screaming Starts is definitely worth checking out.

bill s (us) wrote: The whole plot is ridiculous and that's just the tip of the iceberg that sinks this stinker.

Sourav B (au) wrote: 3 + 0.5 stars for Clint !!

Jessica D (fr) wrote: Alright but predictable.