Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

A stoner and his dealer are forced to go on the run from the police after the pothead witnesses a cop commit a murder.

In Pineapple Express, after accidentally witnessing a murder by police officers causes, Dale Denton and his friend Saul Silver force to plunge into the escape. Watch movie and hope the film will bring laughter and relaxing moments for you! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pineapple Express torrent reviews

Robin N (ru) wrote: The movie is all about love and betrayal.. Whoever you are and whatever you do, life always accounts for the deeds done in the past.. Sudhir Mishra has proven to be a great director in this one.. But again the movie does not have something new, i.e. the story.. The only thing that keeps you seated are the dialogues and yes the abusive ones..

Barnaby G (gb) wrote: Very educational. Lays bare the religious prejudice towards gays.

Corinna C (gb) wrote: 5 stars... Mesmerizing.. absolutely mesmerizing... wow.. i feel so at peace now..

Joel A (ru) wrote: An earlier Tom Mix film that has everything you need: Girls, Gun & Villains. Tom Mix was the biggest name in Western years before John Wayne claimed the title.Mix play an immigration officer trying to stop a group of bandits illegally immigrating Chinese men for labour.This film has two things that really should be commended. 1) the amazing stunt work that Tom Mix does himself 2) the sensational aerial photography of the Grand Canyon.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Not sure how true it stays to the source material but this is a decent little animated film. Sure it could all be better but a war in hell between the devil and his daughter works OK for me. The animation is alright as is the story, the backstory is set in Sweden which is cool. Lots of violence so if nothing else you can watch the animated blood splatter.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Not a bad script in places, but frustratingly two-dimensional at times with the protagonist rolling over to the demands of her American-Mexican family far too easily.

Semmi A (de) wrote: Thanks Jeff McGlothin for getting me hooked on Shameless!

John F (br) wrote: With Robin and Billy you expect so much and did not come any where close to what they could do.

Clay B (de) wrote: PUDDLE CRUISER (1996)

Joey S (ca) wrote: For some reason i latched on to this movie as a kid without ever seeing it, the previews had me locked on to this movie. Basicaly a variation of "Lord of the flies" with a very young Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.

Tddybrs37 t (mx) wrote: Good action however it would be nice to see with closed captioned

Dean W (br) wrote: I love this movie, a guilty pleasure. And that poster is to die for!

Matthew J (ca) wrote: Alan Arkin is an experienced actor, but he is no Peter Sellers.

Jess L (gb) wrote: very well put together little movie

Jon C (ag) wrote: An amazing movie out of nowhere. Dont let this one fool you, it looks like it would be a throw away movie, but it brings it with the comedy, campy and very well done flick. Underrated to say the least.

Helen S (jp) wrote: A very good film that asks hard questions without resorting to easy or clichd answers.