A respected village schoolteacher falls for a travelling dancer and faces a moral dilemma.

A respected village schoolteacher falls for a travelling dancer and faces a moral dilemma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (gb) wrote: It was a very funny, very creative and very entertaining Disney animated short. It had really great 2D and 3D animation, really great music, very great voice cast, lots of laughs, great adventure, great characters and a very fun story. It's one of my favorite Disney animated shorts of the year. I've seen this short movie before "Frozen." I highly recommend this short movie to Mickey Mouse fans of all ages.

Robbie V (it) wrote: Formulaic and unoriginal but funny nevertheless.

Nicki M (br) wrote: Interesting look at prostitution following the life of Lin, an Australian/Vietnamese uni student. Unknown to her family, she falls into escort work to help them with debt which is about to cause them to lose the family home. She tells them she is doing modeling work. Along the way she forms a relationship with a fellow student, also hiding from him what she does. You see many of the clients, but it is not an overly graphic or emotional movie. I'm sure a lot worse happens to a real life hooker, and this is toned down and reasonably pleasant to watch, but there are still consequences and it does eventually hit the fan. Some of the situations Lin finds herself in would have been pretty scary and humiliating, but she handles herself with dignity all the way through. I very much liked the relationship with Lin and her co-worker. The American client was also an interesting character. Overall I liked this although it was a little too glossy looking for the subject matter.

Thrall T (br) wrote: In 1971 a white Southern school in Virginia joins a black school for football season. Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington, Will Patton, and Wood Horns brings to different races to join together that means a lot to both races.Coach Yoast is the white football leader.Meanwhile Coach Boon is the black football leader who takes over Yoat's job. Gerry Bertier, the team captain,who becomes friends with Julius, showing that having a friendship with people of a different race demonstrates that everyone is equal. Bertier decides to cut Ray, whose racism was hurting the team. The movie shows some strong reactions on how to get along with African Americans and the effect on how to get to know each other before judging.The movie lacked off on going back to the football games and what was happening besides football. I would rate this 4.5 out of 5. Mostly to see it with the family and enjoy some football.

Nicki M (br) wrote: I picked this one up as an ex-rental as it was only $2, and I felt like good thriller. Well... this wasn't that... more a drama than I would have exopected from the cover. Not much to keep me in suspense, or really care less, quite honestly. It wasn't awful, but it was a bit confusing, chopping back in time (or maybe just not interesting enough to keep my attention focused!).Sharon Stone was the best in it. Her acting is pretty good here. Richard Gere I don't like, and this one hasn't changed my opinion. Lolita Davidovich, just so so, not overly convincing in the role, but okay. The main one of interest was a quite young "Jenny" Morrison (as she is credited here!). Ending is good, kind of makes up for a very average movie, but still not enough to have made me glad I sat and watched it. Think I will give this one to my mother, she thinks Richard is a babe (gag!).

Raphael R (nl) wrote: Trop inegal, une premiere partie excellente avec des dialogues surrealistes et jouissifs, puis une deuxieme partie qui perd de son mordant et de son cynisime Bertrand Blier ne sachant pas se limiter...

scott g (gb) wrote: pilot for what i believe dsidnt become a tv series, this marvel charactor not great at least on film and overall story was really bad and badly done. Stan lee disowned this

Timothy L (es) wrote: a favorite thriller and my favorite Diane Keaton performance

Al C (au) wrote: Overlooked really. There's a bit in this where Dracula could easily just bite this broad but instead he stabs the hell out of her just out of badness.

Terry D (ca) wrote: Then boy-genius Orson Welles's first feature length motion picture (which he co-wrote, played the title role in, and directed) is a masterpiece of pioneering technical virtuosity -- a veritable 'Rosetta Stone of modern filmmaking' -- and it's still (and shall almost certainly remain) timelessly entertaining. So many great scenes and sequences -- the newsreel montage about Kane's life, Bernstein's (Everett Sloane) touching personal revelation about an innocuous moment from his life that he has never forgotten, a montage of Susan Alexander's (Dorothy Comingore) brief opera career, and on and on...and on. A solid mainstay in my Top 10 favourite films of all-time.

Nick G (jp) wrote: Bloody awful. Time for Van Damme to give up I think.

Clark W (mx) wrote: It succeeds in entertaining. I laughed at it only because it was so weird. It's a solid enough story but of course the CGI for Garfield himself is ABYSMAL. That's my only REAL complaint, however I will say that it could've been much shorter. There are several unnecessary scenes, like the part where THE FAT ORANGE CAT SINGS.