Deepak is a lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder who experiences frequent mood swings. One night, Rajveer and his friends get drunk and try to molest Miss Arora and her two roommates leading to an accident. The film revolves around how Deepak fights the girls' case against these influential boys.

When three young women are implicated in a crime, a retired lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucero C (de) wrote: One of the best horror films in the last few years!

William K (nl) wrote: ridiculous, a waste of talent.

Moncef A (gb) wrote: Complete crap. Definitely not worth wasting 90 mins watching it. Most of the situations aren't credible (especially the "happy ending"). It will assuredly leaves you with the deep feeling that you've just watched one of the dumbest movies in your life.

Travis I (ca) wrote: This is my favorite film of all time. It is the most witty cat and mouse game, devoid of violence, and yet extremely enthralling, that this author has ever seen.

Nicki M (fr) wrote: Cute movie. I like Christina and Winona. Cher gets on my nerves a bit, but I think her character is meant to be annoying. Coming of age tale set in the 60's.

Nick B (ag) wrote: This was actually pretty funny and kind of fun, even for a movie where they don't speak and proper words for 90 mins. Funny to see Ringo Starr in a movie even one as dumb as this. Ill never watch it again but it was fun for what it was.

Sean F (mx) wrote: A sweet and smart comedy with the confidence to follow through on its premise. George Burns and John Denver make a wonderful team.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: Writer-director John Cassavetes takes on the romantic comedy with his trademark rough, raw cinematic style. Tighter and more focused than most of Cassavetes work, which makes it one of his most accessible. And, as usual, the performances are superb - Seymour Cassel does go a bit over the top at times, but there's also disturbingly hilarious turns by Timothy Carey and Val Avery. It's biggest flaw is that the attraction between Minnie and Moskowitz stretches credibility at times, which can sometimes make the rollicking histrionics seemed forced - but at its strongest moments, this is a fascinating character study.

JohnnyLee T (ag) wrote: Cast does its best but script is largely unfunny.

Suie S (fr) wrote: A classic Cohen film ! The cinematography wasOutstanding !!! ??

Allan C (us) wrote: Featuring Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne) and Taryn Power (Daughter of Tyrone Power), I wonder if this movie when it came out was like a Don Swayze or Frank Stallone caliber of film. Probably not, but since the great Ray Harryhausen was involved, but it's still a pretty silly film and probably the weakest of Harryhausen's Sinbad films. Also, I much preferred John Phillip Law as Sinbad than Wayne. If you're really needing a Harryhausen fix, stick with "Jason and the Argonauts," though the special effects in this one are good.

Viktor N (au) wrote: It was better when I was younger.. but then again they usually are. Great 80's feel to it.