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Piotrek Trzynastego


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Matt B (fr) wrote: Watched this for the second time immediately after the first. Beautifully sad. Unforgettable. Amazing soundtrack. The movie fucking rips, so just watch it...

Charlie W (gb) wrote: Greet Movie Based Off The Comic I Watched As A Kid It Has Batman Does His Shit

Jordan H (ca) wrote: wo doesn't want to see this moive, just look at the teaser poster! the first film was excellent and i definitely think that this new one will far surpass it! it'll be cool seeing batman transform and evolve. this is something that the other films were lacking.

Dylan H (mx) wrote: the movie was funny at times but mainly it was a very dark comedy. At most of the times the movie was a lose with a z.

Oksana W (ag) wrote: I remember us watching it in the theater for the first time. My husband and I came to see some other movie and it was sold out, so we went to see this one. The whole crowd was laughing so hard (I don't remember last time I heard the whole place laughing in unison in a movie theater). I own this movie. It is not for everyone. We recommended it to my in-laws and my mother in-law could not understand why you would laugh when all these terrible things are happening. So, it is for someone who understands a dark humor. Definitely one of the top comedy movies for me. Great cast too.

Mia R (it) wrote: Brilliant got love, brilliant dancing and team work and funny awesome for al ages from toddler to senior (toddler, child,teenager,adult,senior ).

Ashley G (au) wrote: A girls Dream become real This is a very touching movie

John N (au) wrote: great movie needs to be updated