• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revival,   mini skirt,   beat,  

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Oliver O (ca) wrote: pretty good movie the animation is so unique like something you would see on a cafe wall

Luciene C (it) wrote: Definitivamente, a sesso de hoje de Minha Felicidade? entrou no rol das minhas experincias surreais, categoria cinema ou teatro?. Est l, juntinho com a j infame histria do Homem da Lata de Leite Ninho e a sesso de Gritos e Sussurros no Cine Arte UFF. O filme j (C) tenso, uma mistura de Funny Games e Dogville on crack; pegar uma plateia complicada, beirando a psicose e ver o conflito explodir exatamente no fim da ltima cena do filme foi... bem, surreal.Preciso rever o filme. Sem plateia.

Kimberly C (ag) wrote: love michael moore. everyone should watch this movie.

Livia A (it) wrote: Um dos filmes mais bizarros dos ltimos tempos. Mas o beb (C) fofo.

Deborah R (nl) wrote: this was different. entertaining, had its funny parts, and very psychological. Lots of good stuff thrown in there, the ending was great. Touches a lot of sensative issues. I think it achieved its purpose, Im glad I watched this.

Rylan P (it) wrote: A great idea, Hilarious, twisted, offbeat humor.

Chris M (it) wrote: Riggs was a much Bigger Prick in this 1.

Jeremas B (it) wrote: despite not being totally faithful to the book, leaving out a lot of important plots (such as armours), it's a pretty awesome adaptation.

James P (es) wrote: A trilogy of wonderful and vastly different tales targeted to a mature anime audience who prefer their films to be a little more cerebral. A masterpiece.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: One of the many Die Hard clones to emerge during the early 90's, whilst not without its moments they are few and far between and Snipes character, Cutter can't hold a candle to John McClane.

Melania S (ag) wrote: Excellent dancing and bodies!

James H (gb) wrote: Good story, very well acted. The editing is great, fine cinematography. The characters are nicely developed and the pacing is very good. RT has this listed as the 2007 version, but when you click on it, it is a duplicate of the 1971 film.

Steven C (au) wrote: Here is a movie I changed my mind on. I originally thought it was amazing. Now, I think it sucks.