Pippi i Söderhavet

Pippi i Söderhavet


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Ken T (gb) wrote: Marlon is so retarded...This has to be the freakiest crap to date...

Blke W (jp) wrote: kinda good poinient film of life in the big leagues for small people with big interests if not hearts in a corrupt world of tough times. strong causes and a great reality check from all that drama to conclude.

Pablo G (it) wrote: 4/5Charlie Kaufman-written films always tend to have that "who the fuck came up with this" characteristic and that is far from bad as unlike other people in the industry his ideas are actually very well thought out and connected and even more shockingly both funny and dramatic which is one step behind the guts it takes to make funny horror. Add to that Spike Jonze as the director and an all star cast with an obvious one in the title and you have a film that just like the poster suggest, will stay in your head for a while for all the best reasons.

Andrew C (de) wrote: A movie that is so bad, that wikipedia deleted its entry because it sucked.

Jen L (br) wrote: One of the greatest movies of all time!

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 72% Was better when I saw it as a kid. Thought it moved kind of slow for an "adventure". Didn't care for the narration ether, made the film feel like an Animal Planet program.

Matthew P (nl) wrote: Moments of purity sneak through this teenage soap-opera.

Rasmus Bo V (mx) wrote: Classic ! I'TS JUST GREAT