Pippi on the Run

Pippi on the Run

Fed up with their strict parents, Tommy and Annika run away from home, with their friend Pippi Longstocking to look after them in their long trek.

Fed up with their strict parents, Tommy and Annika run away from home, with their friend Pippi Longstocking to look after them in their long trek. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JLeaha K (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie! It had me guessing till the end and even then it still had another twist I wasn't expecting..

Will B (ag) wrote: A good overall movie with a positive message about the importance of family and being a team.

Gabriel C (ca) wrote: A YA sci-fi movie that settles for raw emotion and exciting action instead of unnecessary narration and a forced love triangle. Where do I sign?

Robert B (gb) wrote: I'm not into chess and this guy was big before I was born, but still an interesting story. Interesting that someone who is a world-class genius in one thing can also be so troubled.

noel n (kr) wrote: This is why I like documentaries.

Natalie G (de) wrote: actually really cool

Raul M (ru) wrote: a feel good movie about a two people with aspergers.

Kyle L (nl) wrote: Hellraiser Deader is easily the best in the Hellraiser Direct To DVD sequels since Hellraiser Inferno and it is a huge improvement over its predecessor Hellraiser Hellseeker. The plot of this film is about Amy Klein a reporter who is investigating on a cult group called Deader after viewing a tape that shows someone killed and resurrected after getting killed. Amy soon learns the group's intentions on her and Amy finds herself also in a life or death struggle that will rip her own soul apart. To be honest I didn't have a problem with this film and I totally enjoyed it a lot and it seriously impressed me as much as Hellraiser Inferno impressed me as well. What's great about Hellraiser Deader is that the film's plot is far more better than Hellseeker's plot because the plot of this film is not confusing at all unlike Hellraiser Hellseeker the plot is confusing and hard to understand well this Hellraiser film avoids having confusions and the plot is well paced and I like the plot of this film better overall. What I also like about Hellraiser Deader is that the whole film is full of creepy and eerie moments and there are lots of creepy and eerie moments during the first half of the film until the second half and all of these ideas are well used and I didn't have a problem with it overall. While Pinhead and his Cenobites of course look great as always. The other thing I like about Hellraiser Deader is that the film is also full of atmosphere and I love how director Rick Bota managed to bring the atmosphere in this film and the atmosphere is well effective throughout the whole film and overall the atmosphere is well used and effective in this movie. While the last things I like about this film is that the whole film managed to have the gore back in this movie because Hellraiser Hellseeker and Hellraiser Inferno didn't have any gore effects and I only wish that those films had some gore but I'm proud at least that this film managed to have the gore back to its serious roots and there are a couple of gory parts in this film. The videotape Amy Klein was watching in the film was intense and quite gory and the finale where the Deader group gets massacred by Pinhead is one of the goriest parts in the whole film and overall the gore is magnificent in this film. Ok I admit that the film has a couple of scenes where the CGI is used and the only CGI scene that I found in this film is where Amy started getting snared by chains after solving the puzzle box that's the only scene where the CGI is used and I think the CG chains look totally embarrassing but not too much as the CGI in Hellraiser Hellseeker but I love the special and practical effects used in this film and the practical effects are so well effective in this film and the effects are seriously a huge improvement over Hellseeker's awful CGI effects and overall the effects are well used in this film. Now the acting is great the casts did a good job with their performances in the film so far. Kari Wuhrer did a good job with her role as the protagonist Amy Klein. Doug Bradley did a good job as always with his role as the Cenobite Pinhead while the rest of the casts did a good job with they're roles in the film so far. Director Rick Bota did a magnificent job with his work on this movie and this is seriously a huge improvement over is previous work on Hellraiser Hellseeker and I hope Bota can make another good Horror film for someday. Overall Hellraiser Deader gets a 10/10 because this film has a lot of improvements over Hellraiser Hellseeker and it is very close to Hellraiser Inferno.

RJ (br) wrote: Don't waste your time. seriously. Don't. this flick is a little gross. but not a very good movie.

Nick I (de) wrote: A true classic full of fun and laughs with a sense of realism involved

James H (ag) wrote: Likely to be filed under guilty pleasures, there is so much to enjoy in Kuffs. Essentially Christian Slater is Ferris Bueller in Beverly Hills Cop. If that sounds appealing at all, then this film is for you. An action comedy that could only be made in 1992, Slater is high on himself (and Jack Nicholson's DNA). It's a very calculated film, from Slater directly addressing the audience like Ferris Bueller to the score by Beverly Hills Cop's Harold Faltermeyer in an attempt to recreate the success of that Eddie Murphy vehicle. Despite it's obvious construction and influence from other films, Kuffs is very entertaining. Director Bruce A. Evens (whose only other directing credit is 2007's Mr. Brooks) gives the film a nice visual flair that's not really warranted by the material. There are some fine supporting performances, particularly from the always dependable Tony Goldwyn and an underage Milla Jovovich.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Working out will never be this fun again--You will die laughing!!

Sean R (es) wrote: Hilariously terrible. The extra half-star is for the laughs I get from lines like "She smelled like mashed potatoes... and every guy in the room wanted to be the gravy."

Mark B (mx) wrote: One of the flagship murder mysteries of the 1980s was Jagged Edge, about a lady defense attorney, played by Glenn Close, who falls for the man she is defending, newspaper editor Jack Forrester, played by Jeff Bridges. Forrester has been accused of brutally murdering his powerful and wealthy wife. It?s hard to complain about the plot, which includes a great little mechanism ? I won't give it away ? that helps our fair attorney finally solve the crime. It also has something rare to the big screen; some fairly believable court sequences. But few of the characters in "Edge" are likeable. Even Close's character is cool and distant. The result is a good story with characters that we are keenly interested in, without really caring much about them. This is still a decent better murder mystery with the token twist that makes it all worthwhile.

Nathaniel B (us) wrote: Wish there was more to it then a debate between a student and a professor. But it did enough with the dialogue for it to get 3.5 stars from me.

Ian M (us) wrote: Best film I've seen this year. Darkly entertaining; excellent performance from Rollins. Did not expect the reveal. Well done.