Pistoleiro Bossa Nova

Pistoleiro Bossa Nova

Two friends are looking for a quiet place where they can rest awhile. Soon they find the town they'd chosen to go is far from quiet. In fact, it's ruled by outlaws. And one of them is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan B (ru) wrote: I thought it was a helpful reminder (here in 2016) of how much worse things have gotten. What were fairly common facts at the time it was made (2011 - and thus the lower critic reviews) are now largely forgotten.

Lydia M (br) wrote: This looks very interesting, I hope it's good!

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Refreshingly uplifting, creatively written, talented cast. My Own Love Song was time well spent. Keep an open mind, its different, but maybe thats why I liked it so much. Different is kind of nice once in awhile!

Todd S (it) wrote: A fun movie with a LOT of fun lines, and a great cast. Also the start of Cyndi Lauper's acting career, which has shown surprising range.

Kyle D (au) wrote: There's a wide disparity between the critics' reviews and the audiences' reviews - and for good reason. This film is an enjoyable cinematic curiosity for film nerds & critics - but probably confusing and boring for the average viewer. From a film production standpoint, it's shocking and fascinating. From a film history perspective, it's a crazy footnote in several careers. But if you aren't into that stuff, you might wonder what to take away from this film.

The Critic (ag) wrote: A weird horror flick that showcases some incredible make-up effects and strong performances but, despite its interesting premise and quirks, doesn't ultimately seem to have a purpose, except to perhaps serve as a cautionary tale against picking up hitchhikers.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: I will be strong. Very strong.Sam's wife dies leaving him and his son, Clint, on their own. Sam remarries a Native American, Neddym and they have a "half-breed" son, Pacer. A war breaks out between the white settlers and the Native Americans and Sam and Neddy are killed in the process leaving Clint and Pacer to pick sides in the war. Clint picks the whites and Pacer picks the Native Americans and the brothers meet on the battlefield."Are you my brother beyond the wall?"Don Siegel, director of Dirty Harry, Escape from Alcatraz, Shooter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1959), The Verdict, No Time for Flowers, and Spanish Affair delivers Flaming Star. The storyline for this picture as well as the script and characters are very average. The acting is also mediocre and the cast includes Elvis Presley, Dolores del Rio, Steve Forrest, Barbara Eden, and Tom Reese. "I would know that you lie and I would have to kill you."This was recommend to me by Verizon Fios so I randomly DVR'd it. I have never watched too many Presley films and quickly discovered why...he isn't a very good actor. This was very mediocre and his character was a bit over the top at times. I would only recommend seeing this if nothing better is on."White men shot her and white men let her die."Grade: C

Joe S (us) wrote: Cary Grant and Howard Hawks you just can't go wrong. In the past two years i have become such the Howard Hawks fan.

Shane K (de) wrote: Trash hated this, but I enjoyed it very much!

Ethan L (au) wrote: A classic throwback film. B+

Jamison R (es) wrote: Nice little documentary about a strange little museum up in Iceland, looking for an elusive piece to complete it's collection