Pit and the Pendulum

Pit and the Pendulum

In the sixteenth century, Francis Barnard travels to Spain to clarify the strange circumstances of his sister's death after she had married the son of a cruel Spanish Inquisitor.

Francis Barnard goes to Spain, when he hears his sister Elizabeth has died. Her husband Nicholas Medina, the son of the brutest torturer of the Spanish Inquisition, tells him she has died ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pit and the Pendulum torrent reviews

Wade H (mx) wrote: I was VERY disapointed! NUFF SAID!!!

Alex S (es) wrote: Who thought it was a good idea to make a sequel if the first movie F*CKING SUCKED?!

Angelo T (br) wrote: A movie event that allows us to witness the real, dark but witty scenario in the slum areas of Manila.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: A hoot & a half with ample nekkid hijinks. Rolfe Kanefsky usually gets more out of the eroticom genre than his peers. Gabriella Hall gives a good & game performance as leading lady, and I don't think she's ever looked better. Some decent no-budget invisibility visual tricks too.

Shubin A (jp) wrote: I think that the role of Yashwant Angre should have been given to Rahul Dev because Rahul Dev does a better job as a baddie

Matt H (ca) wrote: I really liked this Disney channel movie for a few reasons. It made bowling kind of cool and Kaley Cuoco is in it and she is fine.

Michael H (br) wrote: The opening sequence, where we get to see the five former students in training, is easily the film??s best. Presented as a flashback and narrated by the Poison Clan??s dying master, we watch as each of them, all wearing masks, go through their daily exercises. First up is the Centipede (Lu Feng), who moves extremely quickly (for practice, he breaks hundreds of falling plates, with both his hands and feet, before they hit the floor). Then it??s on to the Snake (Wei Pei), who??s as agile as he is fast, slithering along the ground on his back. Next is the Scorpion (Sun Chien), whose pincer move allows him to leap incredibly high. For me, though, the coolest of the bunch is the lizard (Kuo Chui), who possesses the ability to climb walls. Last but not least is the Toad (Lo Mang), a practically invincible warrior able to withstand incredible pain (to prove it, he lays down on a bed of nails).Five Deadly Venomshas its share of exhilarating battles, and a bit of intrigue as well (not to mention a torture scene that??s difficult to watch). But as entertaining as the rest of the film is, the imagination on display in these training sequences is what makesFive Deadly Venomstruly unique.

Lubna A (ru) wrote: awesome movie... he was soo innocent and smart at the same time! =) defiently worth watching!

Michael G (gb) wrote: Not so great. Relies heavily on psychology practices from over half a century ago which ultimately dates it.

Keith N (us) wrote: Hilarious late 80s comedy. Mercedes Ruehl steals the show.

Ste H (de) wrote: Stunningly acted, gritty & powerful.

Kade C (ru) wrote: A witty and captivating story that hits several marks I enjoy in films. Space exploration is something that I enjoy in both film and learning about in life. This has such an interesting and grounded way to show another world in a way that makes parts of it feel like our own, which in reality Mars is like ours in many ways. It also involves a great feeling of tension with both Mark Watney on Mars and the crew back on Earth. This is one of the best films I've seen in quite a while, and enjoy it upon every viewing.