Pithamagan whirls around four characters. Chithan (Vikram) who is orphaned at a young age, devoid of all human contacts lives on his animal instincts and ekes out a living as a graveyard caretaker.He seems to exhibit behaviour consistent with autism spectrum disorders. Gomathy (Sangeetha), a petty ganja seller, who pities Chithan’s condition, gets him a job at the ganja fields of the main villain.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   fire,  

A boy raised in a cemetary grows up with no social skills, and leads a turbulent life readjusting once he moves out of the cemetary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mutated B (de) wrote: Best kids movie I've ever seen! The story, the complex characters! Fabulous!

Michael T (us) wrote: Enjoyable Mexican satire.

Rob S (gb) wrote: Though I have only seen 3 of his films, Gus Van Sant seems to be a mastermind at bringing characters to life in his films. The 3 I have seen are this, Good Will Hunting, and Elephant, and I honestly can't say which of the three is my favorite; they are all so good. With Milk, Gus Van Sant motivates and inspires the audience with a message of hope, and though the events of the film are from the late 70s, the issues are more relevant now that we are in the middle of fighting for gay marriage rights and the U.S. is less populated with homophobes. Here is a film which was better than the best picture winner of its year: Slumdog Millionaire.First of all, do not be afraid to see sexual scenes between men in this movie; the only scene which is almost explicit is very darkly lit and hard to see. While the film has moments depicting homosexuality, it does this to show the characters in this film who are fighting for their rights are caring, loving people who deserve to be treated as human beings. It is rather sad to watch scenes in which it is explained or almost shown that homosexuals are getting beaten to death by police.Penn is miraculous in this film, and honestly even though James Franco is not a marvelous actor overall, he also does a pretty good job with his performance in this film. Penn steals the show though, rightfully winning an Oscar by immersing himself in this character that not only has a different sexual orientation as the actor, but also experienced his 40s in a very different time period. He is a character so loving that even when his friends question his romantic interest with a character named Jack, he defends himself by saying Jack needs him and he is willing to care for Jack even though he is not "all right" mentally. It is devastating to see Jack go in this film, though it feels more suitable that Milk is with Scott, the James Franco character. The only thing I didn't care for in the way that Milk was depicted is that at times he seemed interested in other men while in a relationship with another person, and little reason was given to this portrayal beside the fact that the man was gay, which is not how it works at all.One thing which was a little unclear to me while watching this film was Dan White's feud with Milk; it was clear they made a deal to swap votes for each other, but it was hard to pick up on what White wanted Milk to vote for - this is probably my fault as I should have paid more careful attention. When I read that it was about having a psychiatric hospital in White's district I thought the issue could have been more dramatic, but this is a film based on real events, and when a film is going for an important historical feel, it seems right to keep the story accurate.Seeing this film makes me want to fight for gay rights and I am extremely proud to say that. Milk states in the film though that it is not just about homosexuals, but about other ethnicities as well - nobody should be discriminated against when it comes to civil rights. The last line of the film is one which is repeated throughout the movie, and while it is a simple line, Penn seems to give it great meaning with the way he says it into the tape recorder which is essentially the vehicle of narration for the film.

Mike C (nl) wrote: Pretty low budget, pretty damn decent flick. Never know what you will get with an indie flick. This one impresses. Great cast of characters created by relatively small names, and a nice, believable, well-delivered story about people just trying to be happy, more or less. Really liked the cast as a whole and a few scenes. Amy is an attractive teacher with a douchey husband. Her first scene at the casino at the blackjack table was pretty great. Great writing there. Noah is a good-looking ex-diver teaching swim classes to adults. Pretty good character. Not sure about the acting...he doesn't do much. But Branson is very good as very flat, and the character has some great qualities that help the movie. Jordan could have been a silly, pathetic character given her occupation, but she stands up well in the movie. Another great scene, in my opinion, is when she waits outside for Noah. Again, a well-scripted conversation highlighting the awkwardness of becoming attracted to someone and trying to gauge their interest/show them you are interested. Damn well done.In the end, maybe a little flat. Most positives on imdb, and the fig leaves mean the film was well-represented at some of the film festivals. If there is a complaint, it's along the lines of what was the point of what I just watched? But that is kind of the brilliance of it. There is no great plot or twist or anything. It's just good characters and the writing makes it interesting enough to stay invested for 90 minutes. A certain scene at the end proved my investment. I really wanted that one thing to happen!

Luke T (kr) wrote: This movie is fun to watch because the pretext is so flimsy. Not scary at all, but it's so ridiculous it's fun to laugh at. plus, it's called 'mansquito'. come on.

Tara A (ca) wrote: saw this in thailand. Absolute crap. almost painful to watch actually.

Cecilia K (au) wrote: So so, It helped me t kill time on a boring evennig. Maybe the actual cartoons are better.

Adrian S (au) wrote: A interesting modern story interwoven with a fascinating and seldom heard about period of American history. Despite fine performances the twin stories do not gell quite well enough to make the potent points about the lack of progress over the intervening years that I think it wanted to.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Kurt C (ca) wrote: This movie was all wrong! Not a fan; the villain shouldn't get a happy ending.

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Jake A (us) wrote: Decent enough slasher horror with a few neat ideas but the whole not that original. Some cool death scenes, nice build up and the ending has a couple of awesome explosions.

Michael M (nl) wrote: Beautiful film. Duvall and Harris are so wonderful as the guys, and everyone around them (esp. Sandra Bullock) make the sweetness believable.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: Set in the not too distant toxic future where man has been forced underground. A bodyguard must deliver valuable mind microchips from LA to New York with a synthetic human driver. Somewhat short circuited entertainment.

Leonard D (au) wrote: I haven't seen this film in over two decades! If it weren't for this fantasy adventure, I would have never been introduced to Christian Bale, his first screen debut! Very creative, full of imagination, but as far as I recall, the story doesn't make much sense. Must watch it again, if I can find the English translation of the flick.

Kevin R (es) wrote: He is no ninja Shortly after graduating from a ninja academy, Cole receives a desperate message from an old war buddy in the Philippines. Cole arrives in the Philippines to discover his friend and his wife may lose their estate when their employees are bullied by the locals. Can Cole save his friend from losing his property? "He's called the hook. When he had both of his hands he was a real son of a bitch. Now he's worse." Menahem Golan, director of Death Game, Crime and Punishment, The Versace Murder, The Delta Force, and Fortuna, delivers Enter the Ninja. The storyline for this picture is uncreative and stole premises from several martial arts pictures, most notably, Chinese Connection. The action is interesting but seemed strange based on the characters. The cast delivers average performances and includes Franco Nero, Susan George, Christopher George, and Sho Kosuqi. "He is bitter and frustrated." My wife and I loved Franco Nero in Django and decided to DVR some of his pictures. This seemed like an odd movie for him. Most of his scenes were awkward, especially those that focused on Nero's training. Overall, this is a below average action picture with a few fun scenes and a hot Susan George. "Let's have a cock fight." Grade: C-

Patrick M (es) wrote: This movie had a lot of problems. The protagonist was really uninteresting, for one. The film is good when it deals with race issues but really only then.

Craig B (fr) wrote: A british classic in every sense,great charactors. so well written it almost makes you cry at what we produce now

I dont know w (mx) wrote: The second of the critically acclaimed "Apu Trilogy".