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Lisa A (jp) wrote: This is unlike any movie I have seen before. For 90 minutes you take a ride in a car with Ivan Locke (played by Tom Hardy) 90 minutes.... with Tom Hardy...enough said.

Stuart M (ag) wrote: A sadly boring film in the end, set in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. It's a plot everyone knows borrowed from westerns: bounty hunter tracks innocent criminal only to sympathize with him and turn to his side. You know how it's going to end up from the very beginning so there isn't much tension. And that would be fine if they sold it better, but the relationship between Winstone (muttering his way through a hardly understandable South African accent) and Morrison seems forced. Winstone's character development seems forced and Morrison's character is ridiculously inconsistent. Sometimes he's a modern sailor, sometimes a primitive tribesman. Maybe that's the point of the character, some kind of commentary on the dual identities of the Kiwi inhabitants, but it didn't hang together very well. Either way you look at it it succeeds neither as an adventure, character study, or a social commentary. Only as a piece of beautiful visual art does it succeed unquestioningly. It's not a bad film, it's just that it only needed but a push to be something very much greater.

George S (jp) wrote: This movie is no doubt one of Stephen Chow's best movies. My abs were sore from laughing too much. However, you will have to be raised in HK to understand some of the jokes.

Xmodem R (ca) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie but it was a truly awful documentary on a really fascinating subject. How they managed to botch this is beyond me but audio quality of the interviews alone makes the movie almost unwatchable.

Gordon G (ag) wrote: [I]Invasion of the Bee Girls[/I] is an excellent T&A Sci-Fi Drive-in flick.

Magdalena T (kr) wrote: it's actually better than the reviews say..

Brad M (br) wrote: As enjoyable as any Bradley Cooper film you'll see, with a dashing of profundity.

Mahir T (jp) wrote: I certainly would like to see this movie.

Alice S (it) wrote: stunning film. nicole kidman's best performance ever?!

Lucian I (mx) wrote: Very interesting movie. I do not understand why it has a so poor rating. There is somebody who manipulate the rating score?

Stuart M (gb) wrote: Not as bad as expected. Sure, it had an incredibly racist yellowface sidekick and a lot of lazy stereotypes for a plot, but it was poking fun at those tropes more than embracing them. If you can tolerate the racism, the character's actually a fairly amusing parody of martial arts master stereotypes. Aside from an overlong conclusion that doesn't really build tension the film's pretty good at hitting all the right beats. Once you embrace the parodic extremism of it all.

Katie F (de) wrote: Good message but not a great movie. The part where the mother confronts her friends in the grocery was the best part of the movie for me. The rest not so much.