A pizza deliveryman develops a bond with a girl nearly half his age.

A pizza deliveryman develops a bond with a girl nearly half his age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Merry J (kr) wrote: This is a really good movie. I really enjoyed the story and the music!

Shay T (nl) wrote: Pretty darn horrible

Kataryna W (mx) wrote: to ostatnie p, za zdj(TM)cia...

Madhan S (ca) wrote: I want my 10$ and 1 and half hours back!! :(

Robbie V (ru) wrote: Brilliant expose of how, abled by Bush and other Republican scum, Enron robbed and expolited Californians.

jenna gabby n (de) wrote: was funny

Marcin K (ca) wrote: One of the best Polish movies ever.At least in my opinion:)

Mykala E (jp) wrote: I love this movie Ashley Judd does a good job playing Lucy. The only thing that bothers me is the way Cal introduces himself, he does that Bond James Bond thing but other than that it's great.

Adam C (nl) wrote: The only thing enjoyable is the actual football parts. I get that it was based off of a true story but it was overly dramatic. The little girl was really annoying and I was tempted to skip the parts she was at.

David Benjamin M (ag) wrote: I just finished watching it on netflix and I thought it was brillant, well acted and was funny and it didn't felt like a rush high school teen comedy it felt like a comedy that ran cool and this is up with Chobsky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

Brandon K (au) wrote: There's nothing wrong with it and it's a nice little story, but there's nothing memorable about it. Maybe I just couldn't connect with the subject matter.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Clever, Funny film still a great film today, Well acted, Great story and all round fun.

Andy C (br) wrote: Not my idea of spectacular, just pleasant and occasionally mildly amusing.

Jacob B (kr) wrote: It has a bit of choppy editing. Some of the dialogue is laughable. And the movie itself makes the plot seem more of a love story than an action film.

Tanner B (gb) wrote: Modern Times (1936) ????Chaplin's second best (after THE GOLD RUSH) is in a class all by itself, alone, and in comparison with even the best of modern-day movies. The Tramp struggling to live in modern industrial society provides basis for some of the greatest sight gags in screen history. If you have not seen this movie, your life is poorer.

Beth G (jp) wrote: It can be a little over the top and overwhelming at times, but the movie did have me laughing pretty hard in some places. If you enjoy "What the fuck?" moments, this movie might be for you. It's ridiculous, absurd, and zany but not bad.

Al H (fr) wrote: No creepy, just funny.