When a band of sexy space pirates hijack a fuel-transport vessel bound for Earth, an alien virus known only as "Thanatos" is accidentally released. The contagion mutates its victims, transforming them one after another into ravenous, demonic creatures. Pirates and crew must join together to destroy the undead PLAGUERS as the ship nears Earth, threatening to infect the entire planet.

When a band of sexy space pirates hijack a fuel-transport vessel bound for Earth, an alien virus known only as "Thanatos" is accidentally released. The contagion mutates its victims, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grayson W (br) wrote: The Entity is the type of movie that makes you realize that even when life seems at its worst, at least you aren't being raped by a ghost.

Brian R (au) wrote: This movie confused me a bit. The kids made no sense, but they were fun to watch. Clarabelle was a f-ing idiot. What the crap was she thinking? Anyway, loved seeing Jamie Bell prance around in a cape and top hat.

Joseph H (fr) wrote: Most fans of the first Wishmaster hate this one. I enjoyed it. If you just want a old fashioned horror romp, it will hit the spot. However, if you want a good story, it will let you down.

Reese J (ag) wrote: Used to be one of my favourite movies, back when I was convinced I was straight and had my celebrity crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar to back it up. I don't think I could sit through this movie now if I tried.

Private U (ca) wrote: It's really hard to squeeze a lot into the time frame of a movie. FFC succeeds in this, and the cast is great.


Michael J (it) wrote: The best worst film you've never heard of! Brilliant cheesy fun with hilarious dialogue... I love it!

Luis M (de) wrote: La pelicula mas ridicula que he visto en toda mi vida,,, y lo peor es que tiene una secuela!!!!

Stuart K (ca) wrote: From Australian director Philippe Mora, (Mad Dog Morgan (1976), Howling III: The Marsupials (1987) and Communion (1989)), comes something that only Australian cinema could conjour up, a superhero musical!! It's bad, it's cheesy and it knows it is, that's because it was made that way, a spoof of superhero serials of old. It begins in newsreel, when Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin) is a hero of the world, and fought the Nazi's too. But, it all came crashing down, when he was accused of being a communist by the McCarthy hearings of the 1950's. In a fit of desperation, he flies away, becoming an alcoholic in Australia. 30 years later, his old arch-nemesis Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee) re-appears, and steals a government device, the hypno ray. The U.S. President (Michael Pate) decides to bring back Captain Invincible, whom he'd met as a boy. The former superhero is found by Australian policewoman Patty Patria (Kate Fitzpatrick), and she and government scientists try to get him back to his former glory, but he's forgotten how to fly and use his superpowers. It's a gloriously camp film, and with musical numbers throughout, (some written by Richard O'Brien). You'd never get a film like this now, no-one would touch it with a bargepole, but it's so much fun, absolutely bonkers and one of cinema's best kept secrets!!

Jordan R (fr) wrote: Great movie about Rock "N" Roll

Elsy C (au) wrote: For lovers only is an amazing movie. I love that is captures you in, it's like your part of there love.

Mike L (au) wrote: Rewatched this after many years and I love it the same. Although, looking at the film from a critical perspective, it's just above average at best

Facebook U (mx) wrote: They lost me right at the suicide. It did not make sense. They said in the film it was not making sense. Just learned that the them is not any better than the her version of the film. The film seemed like the story of someone dead already and living dreams of the past life or what could have been. The whole is strange and not making much sense, and so long. Bleh.

Adam F (mx) wrote: Love the last 20 mins