Planet der Kannibalen

Planet der Kannibalen

A television reporter searches for alien life forms and gets entangeled in a web of intrigue.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   germany,   cannibal,  

A futuristic television station sets out to hire newly arrived alien cannibals for a game show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sapna C (jp) wrote: absolutely rubbish, skip it unless u like other similar movies

Ron K (fr) wrote: A nice review on how movies have helped return western martial arts closer to mainstream.

Greg M (kr) wrote: As a fan of both the Original Highlander movie, and Highlander: The Series, I was looking forward to the theatrical release of Highlander: The Source, and was disapointed to find that it was released only on the Sci-Fi Channel...That was until I actually just saw the thing- Yikes!! This is easily the worst movie I have seen in a very long time- At least since the occasions that my brother, uncle & I gathered to watch & have a laugh over a few drinks out of a few old 50's "B" movies that we bought or rented for the night. This corny, impossibly convoluted and horribly written mess fits right in, with the exception that the old "B" movies were actually better written and at least fun to watch. Watching this movie? More akin to torture.. Like I said, I am a fan & I was willing (and indeed tried!) to cut the movie some slack, but even I found it tough to slog through the whole thing. I just couldn't believe that experienced directors & script writers- who had done OK with the TV series- could so thoroughly butcher something this badly. It is a completely amateurish effort, at best, and the fact that it seems to take itself so seriously only adds to the overall ridiculousness of the whole surreal experience of watching it.The story has so many holes, you could drive a fleet of Hummers through it, for starters. It would take pages to enumerate them all, but here are a few choice ones... If Eastern Europe is in such chaos (as apparently it is in the movie), why are the lights left on (let alone all even working) in a big- and EMPTY- soccer stadium at night? How many priests in The Vatican (or indeed anywhere else) have hair-doos & shades like the lead singer for "A Flock Of Seagulls"? Duncan lost his prized katana that he took so much pride in over the course of the TV series in terms of both its craftmenship and how/why he had originally obtained it, and here he doesn't even bat an eyelash over it's loss. And how the hell was Reggie able to log on to an unsecured wireless network with his laptop in a chaotic Eastern Europe from anywhere ranging from a medieval mountaintop monastary to a shack in the middle of the woods? Man... I can't do that in present-day technologically advanced Japan. Or perhaps he was logging onto his own WiFi... And just had a super-duper, hyper-powerful wireless router, or.... Sumthin.Anyway, even "End Game" which was in no small part an incoherent mess itself, had it's redeeming moments- Adrian Paul & Christopher Lambert did in fact have a certain palpable mutual respect and chemistry- And over the last few years of the TV series, at least, Duncan MacLeod also shared a chemistry with Methos and Joe Dawson- The three had a certain camaraderie that was both visible and fun to watch- It helped you care about the characters and their stories (even if the overall story itself was often flawed) and this carried over to some extent with "Endgame". The action scenes in "Endgame" were also generally fun & sometimes exciting."The Source"? Nope- Not here... The writing is simply God-awful, and nothing of the old chemistry between Duncan, Joe, and Methos is on display here- most certainly not enough to rescue such an abysmal script. Ah yes... I didn't mention Duncan's love intrest, Anna (Thekla Reuten). Believe me, it's for a reason- she's about as forgetable as characters come. The action? Disappointing, and, at times, just plain silly-looking.. Especially disappointing since Adrian Paul took such pains to make it believable in the TV series. Silly because it is almost all cheap camera angles and ridiculous (and I don't mince my words) "special effects".To conclude, I felt pretty let down this movie- If it had been just another stinker, I would not have spent as much time writing about it here, trust me. But I am a fan of the Highlander franchise and had looked forward to & actually cared about what I had hoped to be perhaps a better offering than "Endgame". Well, all I can say is that if this represents the direction of the series, then it's high time to stick a fork in it.

Christina A (ag) wrote: This will always be a good movie to those who grew up in the hood. ;-)

Logan M (jp) wrote: Taking us on an adventure unlike anything Disney had done before in the form of animation, "Atlantis" ranks amongst their most underrated features.

Lasse C (br) wrote: Van Damme is hilariously awfull. Don't get me wrong, the movie is a wreck but he is funny.

Ben R (us) wrote: 80's slasher flick borrows liberally from Halloween in terms of plot points and suspense techniques, but still throws in enough clever moments of its own to provide a decent hour and a half diversion. Don't expect many surprises, though; ultimately this one is very predictable.

David W (us) wrote: Even better than the first one. Reminded me of my own vengeance-fuelled, jailbreak murder-spree.

Erin K (ag) wrote: A great movie! Some very controversial themes for the 1960s. I enjoyed the end of the movie and the awkwardness between McQueen and Wood. Speaking of which, Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood in the same movie!! A must see!!

Isla B (kr) wrote: If you're going to have drugs and swearing, have lots of drugs and lots of swearing. Otherwise don't bother. This film just didn't seem to know whether it wanted to be a PG or an 18. The dry humping scene was funny though. Good old Trousersnake.

Sean H (nl) wrote: This movie I give it 5,stars because for me I love horror movies. I can't tell you what's it's about cause then all ruin it for you guys but all tell you this , grab your DR pepper and popcorn and sit and get comfortable because this movie will keep you the edge of your seat .

Buggy B (ru) wrote: Stay is an interesting, stylish, psychological thriller with some great leads attached, the problem is that for the most part the audience has no idea what is going on. Even after the twist ending I was still like, what just happened? Unlike say the Sixth Sense where in the last few minutes all the pieces click into place and you think its awesome, I actually had to go online and look up the explanation of the ending in order to understand any part of it. If the director had just made the plot slightly more accessible to the average viewer (me) or left a few more clues this could have been a great movie. Ewan McGregor tries on yet another American accent and some (really bad pants) in this intricately plotted thriller. Here he plays a psychiatrist trying to prevent one of his patients (a moody Ryan Gosling) from committing suicide while maintaining his own tenuous grip on reality. I will admit I'm still thinking about this movie days later now that I "get it" however you probably shouldn't have to devote time to research a movies plot in order to enjoy it. 7/27/14

Jamey P (us) wrote: I'm a Muppet fan. I was waiting for this for a long time. Plus I'm an Amy Adams fan as were involved in a complex romantic relationship....Anyways, even without the imagined relationship to Miss Adams this is a clever and fun movie that hit on all levels. Segel and Adams are perfect fits, Cooper nails the villain role, and there is enough Muppet to fill the fix for all the Muppet fans out there.

Facund V (ca) wrote: My chilhood is refelcted on this masterpeacebut the sequels... xD