Planetata na sakrovishtata

Planetata na sakrovishtata


  • Category:Fantasy
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:Bulgaria
  • Director:Rumen Petkov
  • Writer:Boris Angelov, Yosif Peretz, Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)

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Planetata na sakrovishtata torrent reviews

Radinne N (it) wrote: A job well done. Something fresh from the Philippines.

joe d (gb) wrote: I saw a private screening. This is well done cinematography for an independent film. My hat's off to the producer.

Gatan D (fr) wrote: buitengewoon verrassende realistische film. Een aanrader voor toekomstige docenten.

Lee M (gb) wrote: A special weapon unto itself. Spring-loaded with cockney esprit, it peppers its audience with aggressive, sarcastic grapeshot. That's English for "fun," by the way.

Stephen B (us) wrote: Trying to buy this film when I go to China.

Jay L (ag) wrote: "Im Setting You Free..." A truly offbeat, wild, odd yet enticing gem of a film that had me entirely engaged throughout. It was free on demand, so i figured I would check it out after looking at all of the positive reviews, and come to find out, I was in for a real treat. Something Wild is superbly addicting, utterly strange, insanely wild, funny as hell, gloriously entertaining and kind of disturbing, it has a bit pf everything fpr everyone I guess. its one of those films that gives the viewer the "I have a bad feeling. Or something bad is going to happen.) type of mindset. I guess I would call it psychological dark comedy or maybe a psychothriller of some sort, but one thing is for sure... its going to release ypur mind into one hell of a rollercoasting, twisting and turning thrill ride. Acclaimed and Award-Winning Director Jonathan Demme (Married To The Mob, Silence Of The Lambs, Philadelphia, The Manchurian Candidate [The Remake*] Rachel Getting Married) I'm assuming really got noticed at the time this film was made in the last 80's. It sure did fly under my radar until recently. Something Wild reminded me of a mix between "Cape Fear" and "Fear" with some "Dumb And Dumber" thrown in throughout. Its underrated and if ypu come across it check it out... adults only, as it is quite worthy of its R-Rating. Jeff Daniels gives a spot-on performance that's both commanding and brilliant, he shows early in his cateer why he is one of the best in the game and has a broad range of acting talent. Melanie Griffith is unbelievebly spectacular, the chemistry she and Jeff Daniels Portray is detailed and damn near pitch-perfect. Then there is Ray Liotta in a marvelously convincing role, the man plays a psychotic to a capital T, I mean he is an absolute menace in this film.

Stephen S (ca) wrote: The movie is where the idea for minions came from

Ralph R (au) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Daniel C (ru) wrote: An extraordinarily poignant French masterpiece from one of the most underrated directors of all time. Funny, sad, mad, vulgar, mesmerizing, beautiful.

Mark W (fr) wrote: As much as I wanted to love this movie, it just didn't really hold up compared to other B-movie efforts from the 50's! It truly pains me to say that a 50's movie just didn't interest me, but the story, the brain and the main character just didn't give anything memorable! If you're new to 50's movies this isn't the place to start, you will be put off for life!

Shannon M (it) wrote: One of my favorite Disney films. Emotional, touching, brilliant, memorable characters and music. Racism and slavery exist and always will be a part of our history. Putting down one film for portraying a piece of history will not erase it from the books. Uncle Remus was beloved and honored and important to these characters, not hated and belittled. Get it together, America.

Elfrid N (gb) wrote: if i tell you the main reason this is one of my favorite films, i'll spoil it for you. if you haven't seen it yet or if you're watching it again, the ending is . . . marvelous.

Choen L (nl) wrote: I am not sure if the glaring plotholes are result of bad editing or just bad script writing, but it does make for one entertaining romp after relatively slow burning 25 minute opening introduction. And oh everyone speaks English.