Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree

A couple live a peaceful existence in a small seaside town. Their relationship is set to implode when the husband's childhood friend stays at their home.

In "Plastic Tree," a couple is besieged with the problem of sexual dysfunction. They one day invite in an unexpected roommate and soon find themselves caught in a maddening love triangle ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick E (ca) wrote: A behind the scenes look at the life of one of the most revered critics of all-time.

MichaelUrmela O (nl) wrote: This is a very mature needs to be redone with a bigger budget!!!!

Aaron C (us) wrote: hilarious look at arranged marriages

Michael S (ag) wrote: There are people who didn't enjoy this movie. Those people are wrong. Everything from the casting to the cheesy dialogue works to make this a terrific homage to fifties 'b' pictures.

Shane J (de) wrote: lame slasher film that arrived after scream,the killer only kills virgins until about half way threw the movie when he kills who ever they want. the kills are poor the script is all over the place and the killer is predictable from the off

Kevin D (es) wrote: Well said, Lee Mayo. This is not a movie. I cannot eat popcorn and watch this.

Debra K (jp) wrote: An affair that never ends

Michael M (us) wrote: So much better than the farcical Revenant with its idiotic contrivances of which there are at least a dozen.

laura b (es) wrote: Really funny, show's what hard work and a sense of achievement and willingness can do, a good storyline and plot and the acting from jessica simpson wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, a really happy ending which was good.

Laurent P (ru) wrote: Le jeune cinema anglais se plait a se reapproprier les classiques du cinema d'horreur americain avec souvent un certain brio. Ici on aurait une sorte de pendant a 2000 maniacs! avec ses bouseux degeneres qui reglent leurs comptes avec les impudents de la city, le tout matine d'humour british. Si le film n'evite pas les boulettes scenaristiques, les contre pieds gonfles avec le genre, la folie radicale ambiante et le gore debride permettent a Inbred de se singulariser du reste de la production actuelle assez tiede.

Alan P (de) wrote: Another alien abduction movie, not that strange.