As a young and naive recruit in Vietnam, Chris Taylor faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man.

A young recruit in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gilad L (de) wrote: The most important film ever made. Why is it not 100% on RT??

Eric B (mx) wrote: A horror movie with no scares or suspense isn't much of a horror movie at all .Leprechaun origins lacks any real enduring qualities there's nothing terrifying about the creature who is Barley seen not to mention its mind numbingly boring and tedious

Jess (br) wrote: I remember seeing this on a crime show. I think it was about people you wouldn't expect to be murders. Anyway, his story was one of them. A guy who had everything going for him. He was going to become a doctor, he had a woman who loved him. What's sad is that he did what he did. The ending to this movie was really sad. I think when you do something wrong, really wrong, it takes going to jail or losing the person who loves you the most, to make you regret what you did. I don't condone murders, or any of that, but I think when he killed himself in his cell, he knew he did the ultimate wrong.His poor fiancee had no clue that the man she was going to marry, was victimizing 16 women. I feel bad for her because no one wants to be betrayed in that way.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This sounds awful. Pass.

Dylan M (it) wrote: I must learn the ways of karate!

Indu R (ag) wrote: A really good movie depicting the relationship between a little girl and a professional assassin. The action and violence were very realistic.

ken k (jp) wrote: Any critic that pans this should never write another review! Hands down the most romantic and sensitive Rom-com ever put to film! Ken K.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Now this is what a monster movie should be like: tense, entertaining as hell, funny and super well made - and I don't mean only those gooey creatures that look really nice on screen, but it is really cool how they make all those houses shake on their foundations like that.

Robert H (au) wrote: Big Jake has literally changed the way I think of old time westerns. When I first saw the rated PG for "western violence" I figured I'd be seeing lots of bar brawls, people getting thrown through windows and the mandatory person getting shot on the second story of a building, clutching his stomach and then falling through the banister. Boy was I in for a surprise! Big Jake opens with a scenario of a bunch of bed fellas riding into a ranch and killing everyone in a bloody massacre. Young and old, women and children via pistol, rifle, shotgun and machete; nobody is safe. And there's plenty more action after that mixed in with an adventure story and a family drama as well. Big Jake seems to have it all and has kinda peaked my curiousity with regards to other old thyme westerns. I'm not going to go out of my way to see them, but I'm no longer going to avoid them either.

Bavner D (ru) wrote: "PSYCHO" tidak hanya berhasil memberikan suatu nuansa yang berbeda, mencekam dan menegangkan, tetapi juga membuktikan untuk kesekian kalinya bahwa sebuah kisah misteri yang penuh dengan teror dapat menjadi sebuah film klasik horror yang melegenda.

Emma N (es) wrote: Horror movies become to feel dated really quick, especially low budget as this one which lives on the 80's special effects. However, there's a shower scene with Mortensen

Howard E (ca) wrote: What is it about taking a road trip with a family member that seems like such a good idea in theory? Putting oneself in unfamiliar territory while trying to rebuild an inevitably fractured relationship can rarely result in anything other than frayed nerves, arguments and tears. Yet so many of us have taken the plunge because we thought our road trip would be different.And so it goes with Alexander Payne's bittersweet, comedy-drama, NEBRASKA.Curmudgeon Woody Grant lives in Billings, Montana along with his long-suffering wife of close to 50 years, Kate. Woody is not altogether there, thanks to a lifetime of heavy drinking and, now, the onset of Alzheimer's. When he receives a letter in the mail that he may have just won a million dollars in one of those publishers' sweepstakes, he starts walking to Lincoln, Nebraska - a distance of 850 miles across three states - to claim his prize. His son, David, intercepts him just outside Billings and brings him back home to try to talk some sense into him but Woody will hear nothing of it. He wants his money. David eventually gives in, thinking that a road trip with his dad might be good for their relationship. You see, Woody was not the best father in the world. Besides being drunk most of the time, Woody is not the most talkative person. His experience fighting in the Korean War 60 years earlier affects him even today.So David and Woody jump into David's car and head off to Lincoln. En route, a nighttime fall after a few too many beers puts Woody in the hospital and their plans quickly change. David decides to stop off at Woody's family in fictional Hawthorne, Nebraska for a few days to give Woody a chance to heal. In the meantime, Kate and their older son, Ross, decide to trek to Hawthorne too, to make it a full family reunion.When Woody reveals to brothers' families and his old friends about his million dollar windfall, the vultures start circling. The family says he owes them money for all their support over the years while his ex-business partner demands repayment (and then some!) of the money he lent to Woody many years earlier. Even though David and Ross insist that there is no money, no one believes them. Now David not only has to protect Woody from himself; he has to protect him from his family and friends.Alexander Payne, who previously wrote and directed SIDEWAYS and THE DESCENDANTS, seems to be attracted to stories that deal with life's unpredictable messiness. In NEBRASKA, he chose to shoot the film in black-and-white, which served to highlight both the starkness of the landscape and the Grant family's lives.There is plenty of humour in the film, though it is slow in coming. A scene showing the elderly Grant brothers watching Sunday football on TV seems very reminiscent of Grant Wood's classic painting, American Gothic. (Could there be a connection with the family name being Grant?) The film also features some of the best Upper Midwest American accents since FARGO.NEBRASKA stars Bruce Dern, who was nominated for an Academy Award (R) for this role, comedian Will Forte, June Squibb, Stacy Keach and Bob Odenkirk, whom audiences may know as the sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman on TV's BREAKING BAD.This is a great film but you don't need to go to the cinema to see it. Rent it or download it (legally, of course). You'll enjoy it.

Robert B (es) wrote: Speed Racer is a movie for kids with plot elements for adults. Being of a younger generation, I did not find the movie to be sensory overload like some other viewers but can definitely see that as a legit point. Actually, I had mixed feelings on the visuals. Initially I found them cheap and fake but later found them to fit the theme and spirit of the movie. Overall, while not a great movie, Speed Racer has good sentiment and fun moments throughout and as a family movie I find it impossible to rate down.

Craig T (us) wrote: original jcvd! awesome if a little predictable.