A couple search for love but never quite seem to meet.

A couple search for love but never quite seem to meet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (mx) wrote: Not sure how I even heard about this, but I was immediately interested. I finally got to see it and what a disappointment really. The first 20 minutes or so are funny enough...some dirty comedy that I expected. The rest of it just gets a little silly with the whole PAA deal and everything else. Not to mention it drags on. Taking the porn addict out of his element makes for a pretty dull movie. Not sure anyone could pull that off when the comedy was supposed to about the addiction.

Laura V (ag) wrote: very sad, and i hate his beard! But its good

Tarun A (mx) wrote: well...umm...i watch it evrytime they show it..synopsis of the movie tells exactly wat this movie is all abt...every story has something really interseting to tell...quite realistic movie.


Torion O (ag) wrote: So weird, but so charming.

Anthony C (fr) wrote: funny movie. feels weird that chris lloyd played a criminal

Jason M (jp) wrote: Predictable but very good.

Darren C (br) wrote: I didn't even know there was a sequel to American Graffiti (which I love). This thing showed up on TV, so I watched it. As the saying goes, you watched it. You can't unwatch it. I wish I could. Not awful, but there is a reason why you didn't know it existed.Curt's in Canada. Sell out. Perhaps the actor who played Curt got famous and therefore too expensive to be in the movie.

Michael D (nl) wrote: fabulous! oh, bette...

Alice S (ca) wrote: Not scary, but really fun (perhaps not so much due to the werewolf story as to the social mockery).

Samaila A (ru) wrote: A set of not very likeable characters are caught together in an apocalypse of sort. Really nice show especially because as it goes further we move from friendship to baggages and then to self-centredness.

Victoria N (nl) wrote: This movie was full of hot chicks, explosions and a non-sensible plot (at least if you're not paying 100% attention). I enjoyed this movie a lot anyway. Great CGI!!!