Play Dead

Play Dead

A woman uses her magic powers and a vicious Rotweiller dog to murder her relatives.

A woman uses her magic powers and a vicious Rotweiller dog to murder her relatives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Play Dead torrent reviews

Denny L (gb) wrote: I wish it never ended.

Richard P (de) wrote: Terrible! I'm normally pretty tolerant of crap movies but I had to end ithis half way through.

Vanessa C (us) wrote: I love you Madonna, but this was dreadful.

scott g (de) wrote: very low budget effort with some dodgy acting at times, but unlike others the story saves it from straight to dvd hell, even though this probely was, concerning a captured vampire, and him being taken to a lab where they will construct experiments to study vampires and there habits, adding to this is his willingness to participate, this film has a interesting touch, about it, and like colin the ultra low british effort fresh take on zombies, does something for vampires here, the story goes to its conclusion well, and the low budget and some performances doesent get in the way, a interesting film

Jeremiah L (mx) wrote: Quite good. Maybe it's just Japanese cinema I hate.

Jacob L (kr) wrote: Wow, Cosby sure likes to risk losing his carrer! First he stars in these horrible series of movies, then years we find out he's a sex offender.Way to go Little Bill!

Joshua N (es) wrote: really unique animation, featuring the voice of the late great garfield man, lorenzo music. recommended for fans of yellow submarine . . . even though i like this a little better

Greg W (mx) wrote: OK period pic set in the '30's

Russell G (fr) wrote: What to call this? Not really a Noir as it's billed on the DVD, more of a love triangle womans picture. Still a good movie though, with both Andrews and Fonda putting in scene stealing performances.

Theresa P (mx) wrote: Beautiful leading lady, beautiful leading man, gorgeous costuming, happy ending...what more could one want on a lazy Sunday afternoon except possibly a glass of wine and bowl of popcorn to go with.

peggy c (br) wrote: A beautiful film starring Vivien Leigh & Robert Taylor. It has a scene where the two leads dance in a candlelit room that is one of the most romantic scenes ever. Strong performance from the always gorgeous Miss Leigh. This film really has it all war, romance, separations, sex, illness, and love. A great way to spend an hour or two.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: The reviews for this aren't great, but I kind of liked it. It has that 90's indie film feel to it (it's not set in the 90's, or not so I could tell, but it really reminded me of films like Kids, All over me, Freeway etc). Just the kind of thing I love. My main criticism is that it doesn't have a true ending. It really felt like something was going to happen, but it didn't. And Emma Roberts is not a favourite of mine either, but she's not too awful in this one. I wasn't very impressed with all the smoking either. Is it really necessary to glamorise that disgusting habit? Those few sticking points lost it the star.But I did enjoy it overall and I think I need to watch it again, because it is subtle on some points. I suspect I missed a lot. The young cast do a good job. The actors playing Teddy and Emily were standouts.

Randy P (jp) wrote: Characters are annoying and what drives me nuts the most is that it's completely unrealistic, it's like watching a new perform brain surgery, it would never happen. When a supernova occurs it doesn't hurdle or slowly make it's way to you, it will immediately destroy everything even if it's light years away, if you happen to catch it happen by looking up in the sky, you'll be dead before having a facial reaction.

Daniel Q (kr) wrote: If you're not religious, regardless of denomination, and you're going to a regular movie, or so you think this will be long and dawn out for you. It has an interesting message, but it's not something, IMHO I'd just go and see.