Play-Mate of the Apes

Play-Mate of the Apes

Three sexy astronauts crash land on a planet where apes rule. They attract the attention of human-friendly scientist Dr Kweera and the wild woman Uvala and soon unbridled female lust threatens ape society.

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Play-Mate of the Apes torrent reviews

Candice A (au) wrote: Don't know what it is

Adriane R (kr) wrote: Ummm...a movie about dog crap...just when you thought you've seen it all.

Amanda W (jp) wrote: It was odd and quirky, but my husband didn't fall asleep. So that's a good sign.

Chris W (de) wrote: Val Kilmer as John Holmes...hmmm...okay!

Tim F (nl) wrote: A peculiar drug-rush movie! The mentor- newbie bond is extremely well portrayed by our two main characters. they get carried away in their high habbit, eventually stranding on shooting hero (what's worse!). The background of our lad keeps the intrest high on his side, comensating it with the drugs. therefor the titel 'broken vessel' as in they don't learn. The escapades our two medics embark on are pretty entertaining and far out!

Zack T (kr) wrote: Bad, but funny bad. I couldn't resist laughing out loud at some times. "CABBAGEHEAD!" Comedy gold. Just like Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Mark D (de) wrote: Remember seeing this a long long time ago, particularly the theme tune sticks out. It was fun enough but nothing special. Teeny spy espionage comedy thriller.

neil L (kr) wrote: Not the most exciting, but cool if you're in the right mood to see it

Rich R (ag) wrote: Absolute classic, even after all this time :)

Ilsa L (fr) wrote: Laird Cregar is fabulous as the obsessed detective Ed Cornell while Carole Landis relishes her role as the femme fatale in this very clever crime thriller. Unfortunately, the noir atmosphere is not maintained consistently throughout the movie. And although Victor Mature and Betty Grable are adequate in their respective roles, I couldn't help but imagine how much better this would have been with the likes of Dana Andrews or Dick Powell and Ida Lupino or Claire Trevor instead. Having said that, this is still well worth watching.

David D (au) wrote: Yes, the love story was very "out of place"

The Movie G (gb) wrote: One of Adam Sandler's better film than recently

Leonard D (br) wrote: Over the top horror? Intimidating villains? Count me in! Unfortunately, I assume that someone in Hollywood is meeting with some greedy studio executives to get this remade! Don't try it!

Seymour F (au) wrote: An inert movie. Super book by Raymer, totally botched as a film despite a good cast. Badly edited, totally lifeless, a waste of time and talent. Do read the book.

Another V (nl) wrote: Nothing like ringing in the New Year with Ratatouille!It was entertaining. Cute story. The little one wanted to watch it again the next day! And several days later!The concept is unique, creative, and ironic. A RAT that is a gourmet chef, who also "steers" his human friend to cook by pulling on his hair. Yeah! Giddyup, Human!There is definitely some weirdness in this animated story. From the chef ghost in the cookbook to a kitchen full of cooking rats, but we liked it!

Matthew H (au) wrote: Rushmore is an interesting film. It is Wes Anderson's first big feature film (unless you want to count Bottle Rocket), so his signature quirky style isn't quite developed yet. However, there are elements present in the film that he later used more often in his movies. Consider this a pre-concert to his philharmonic debut.As for the movie itself, it has a sweet story, and Jason Schwartzman's character is one that we can relate to. The concept of Rushmore itself is a metaphor tossed around during the film, and the movie's themes of loyalty and friendship are well-received.