Playing by Heart

Playing by Heart

Eleven articulate people work through affairs of the heart in L.A. Paul produces Hannah's TV cooking show. Mark is dying of AIDS. Men have scalded Meredith so she rebuffs Trent's charm, but he persists. The trendy, prolix Joan tries to pull the solitary Keenan into her orbit. An adulterous couple meet at hotels for evening sex. Hugh tells tall tales, usually tragic, to women in bars.

The film tells the stories of eleven articulate people who work through affairs of the heart in L.A. "Talking about love" is like "dancing about architecture," meaning speech is not the medium to express the details of love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe S (br) wrote: This movie was full of suspense and led you down a deeply intense path. Family going beyond the physical realm, to be locked in eternity.

Eric C (nl) wrote: somehow, this movie left me unsatisfied. While I appreciate the very cool codebreaking stuff, the spygate stuff-- I believe what's lacking is the emotional through-line. One could argue that the filmmakers were trying to keep the character's emotions subdued and suppressed, but what's left are relationships without any emotional 'punchline'. That is to say, these potentially emotionally affecting characters are brushed by without leaving an emotional mark, without any substantial resonance. I found that the music was rather overbearing by the filmmaker's preconceived designated canned emotion-- as if to say-- feel tension here, feel suspense here, feel patriotic here. Instead of drawing emotion out of you, the music beats the emotion into you. While the cast did their due diligence and gave great performances, I felt that the moviemaking weaknesses caused the viewing experience to be a rather letdown. As beautiful as it was shot with film-noir-ish approach, perfectly composited shots, ultimately the total experience felt rather cardboard. This film was a case of "the sum not quite better than its parts"

Miki I (kr) wrote: hmmmm. might have had a wrong expectation as I have not read the book, and watched it only for the sake of Ed Byrne. (and Sean Hughes :p) It was comedy, I thought, but it turned out to be wrong to think in that way. Because I should have enjoyed more if I did not expect it to be 'funny'. hmmmm.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: The first movie was better than this

Josh E (ca) wrote: An overlooked gem of a film. Truly wonderful.

Red L (ru) wrote: A film about ordinary people - perhaps they get a bit angrier about their lot in life than some of us do. The characters are struggling with their relationships, and we follow them as they move forward.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Pretty boring vampire flick about vampire hunters that are trying to take out a major group of vampires but things become complicated when the ultimate vampire is resurrected and is powerful enough to wipe out humans and vampires alike. Sounds like familiar territory, but the film goes about it in a different why by bouncing between two days back and forth throughout the entire TV until it ends with a predictable and dull climax. The acting wasn't great either, but it was fun to watch old horror dogs Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects) and Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) chew up the scenes. Jason Connery wasn't too bad either, but honestly, he could do so much better. The main chick was just absolutely annoying. While watching this movie, I could tell that they had a real solid script, but in the end, it was executed terribly. Too bad.

Raiyan Mahmood M (jp) wrote: no doubt, one of the best movies of Van Damme.

Bekka C (ag) wrote: This was an amazing movie to watch about the merits of coming of age. The surfing scenes were great, and the character developement was awesome too! (It doesn't help that I love Jeremy Sumptner!)

Jordan P (br) wrote: With resplendent atmospheric scenery and profoundly beautiful music, The Ring gets under your skin, thanks to its creeping sense of skin-crawling dread, quietly soothing storytelling and a lot of bone-chilling makeup effects -- thus setting the standard for Asian horror remakes and proving a silly storyline can be transformed into a riveting nightmare.

Melvin W (br) wrote: Marie: You don't go to work every day. You go to a bar every day."A story about one man's search... for who knows what"Trees Lounge is the name of the bar where Tommy can be found just about 24/7. He's an alcoholic, and this movie is one of the best representations of alcoholism I have seen. It's not overblown like in most movies, where the alcoholic is beating the shit out of people, throwing up everywhere, and crying every twenty minutes. Every alcoholic I've ever met is much more like this character. They are constantly making excuses about why they drink, and if something in their life could turn around they would easily be able to stop. Most of the time that something never happens though, and they are in an endless cycle of booze and excuses.Tommy has many reasons to drink. He's an unemployed mechanic, who was fired from his last job for stealing money. So he isn't exactly getting rave recommendations from that boss, when he applies at other places. To compound that, his boss that fired him also stole his girlfriend of eight years, and she's pregnant. If he could find a job, he could stop drinking. If he could get her back, he could stop drinking. But most of the time, instead of changing his life, he just continues drinking.The film is very low key which is one of the reasons I really enjoyed it. I love that it doesn't go over the top to make a point. It is slow and patient work from Steve Buscemi, who stars in, wrote, and directs this character driven film. This is the first Buscemi directed film I have seen, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed by it. I was already a big fan of Buscemi's, what with his work in such movies as, Fargo and The Big Lebowski. Trees Lounge just gave me a whole new respect for the guy.Trees Lounge is intelligent filmmaking. It may not be exciting, but for what it wanted to be it was damn near flawless. You really have to be into these type of slow moving movies, where nothing much happens, in order to enjoy this. It has a true indie feel, which makes it much more enjoyable. It's just a good all around movie.

Steve G (br) wrote: Craig T. Nelson is evil. Action Jackson is cool. Vanity is so hot. This may be the best representation of '80s Detroit on film, ever.

Aaron M (ru) wrote: I understand this film is highly acclaimed but, unfortunately, either due to the era in which I was born, my "Americanized" point of view on cinema or some other lack of sophistication, I was unable to fully appreciate it. It is a beautiful piece of art and makes for nice background scenery (maybe good to have on while hosting a formal cocktail party), but in the end, I found it to be idealistic to the point of unrealistic, whimsical to the point of annoyance and repetitive. But hey, what do I know?

Weul S (au) wrote: This is one of those visually appealing horror films you put on mute at a party to add some spooky atmosphere. The gothic look oozes from every scene, which makes up for the unimpressive story. Two witches (ahem, vampires) come back after 200 years to kill the descendants of their slayers. They kill by sucking blood, are repelled by Crosses, & die by fire. Worth a watch if cheesy horror is your thing.

Scott R (jp) wrote: A columbian mining adventure with a bit of melodrama, but of course a glowing grace kelly helps make up the difference.

Chris N (ru) wrote: One of the most underrated films of 2010.

Adrian A (es) wrote: this movie is entertaining. But it really stinks how it ends. It should have ended when the t-rex roared.