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James R (de) wrote: Not half bad for a relatively unknown DC Universe direct to video release. The theme of JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time is a bit on the lighter side (mostly aimed for the kids not old enough to watch the newer, darker DC animated films). A short plot of the film is that Lex Luthor (Fred Tatasciore) is frozen inside a glacier during an attempt to battle the Justice League. A thousand years in the future Karate Kid (Dante Basco, Avatar The Last Airbender) and Dawnstar (Laura Baile, Mr. Brooks) accidentally free the frozen Luthor. Luthor takes the power of the Time Trapper (Corey Burton) to travel back in time and to destroy the Justice League forever. The movie also features voice work from Diedrich Bader as Batman, Grey DeLisle as Wonder Woman and Jack De Sena as Robin. The movie has some cool action sequences, but overall it's a pretty tame film. The plot about going back to get rid of the baby Clark Kent in theory is great, but when executed here it comes off as a silly chase scene. It would have been nice to see this in the non-family light, but I understand what the direction was here. DC Fans should definitely give it a go everyone else should be cautious!

Johnny B (kr) wrote: Bad decision not having James Wan direct this.

Rafael N (ca) wrote: Sometimes clients think they want the real you, but at the end of the day, they say they don't.

Johnny C (ru) wrote: Christina Vidal kicked ass in this movie. I watched this because of her, not Michael J. Fox.

David S (es) wrote: Must be a gay thing, we thought it sucked (no pun intended)

Shantel D (us) wrote: Meh. I surely wouldn't bother to watch it again.

Nick A (us) wrote: How is a noir supposed to hold an audience's attention if it is filmed strictly in the first-person perspective? Conceptually, it sounds interesting, but Montgomery must know that this film's style disables viewers from ever really having the chance to relate to its protagonist -- and a feature can't succeed if its main character forms no relationship with its viewers. Lady in the Lake is a noble experiment, but a failed one. Unfortunately, instead of being studied for its methodology, it will be discarded for it. Great snappy dialogue, though -- Steve Fisher provided a terrific script.

grace s (fr) wrote: the most exciting film i have seen in years. Always eager to see it as if for the first time

Lucas M (fr) wrote: Beautifully written, wonderfully directed and amazingly acted. Harakiri is a creative, inteligent and awesome film. One of the few movies you can call it perfect.

Cody L (kr) wrote: Great indie drama with an excellent performance by Kat Dennings.

Victor B (br) wrote: Boring and, even worse, you can predict every scene before it happens...

Ayrton Anthony C (jp) wrote: Puntaje Original: 8.5Simplemente una obra de arte. Martin Scorsese nos muestra toda su calidad como director en esta magnfica historia que ha convertido a Travis Bickle en uno de mis personajes favoritos en la historia del cine.

Shawn W (es) wrote: Brutal serial killer is tracked by a local high school football star before and after he is electricuted in an electric chair. Often completely ridiculous and gets more so as it goes. Topping the list is a prison guard who decides to perform mouth-to-mouth resussitation on the apparently unconscious killer on his death row walk to the electric chair. Film starts off on a high note with the Paul Stanley-Desmond Child title track and goes down from there. Liked the high school football team's concussion protocol, which consisted of the question "are you ok?" - correct for the times.

Ken C (gb) wrote: Interesting and entertaining, even if one sided. there's actually some really good material here. Too bad conservatives won't give this material a thought.