Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite

Film version of the Neil Simon play has three separate acts set in the same hotel suite in New York's Plaza Hotel with Walter Matthau in a triple role. In the first, Karen Nash tries to get her inattentive husband Sam's attention to spruce up their failing marriage. In the second, brash film producer Jesse Kiplinger tries to get his former one-time flame Muriel to see him for what he stands for. In the third, Roy Hubley and his wife Norma try and try to get their uncertain-of-herself daughter out of the bathroom before her approaching wedding.

Film version of the Neil Simon play has three separate acts set in the same hotel suite in New York's Plaza Hotel with Walter Matthau in a triple role. In the first, Karen Nash tries to get... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan D (ca) wrote: Depressing/boring. Most of the movie is a strained relationship being systematically destroyed by an online application, just so it can be put back together. There was some gay sex appeal, but not enough to make the movie interesting. Very little humor. Surprising number of coffee shops giving away free coffee. Heck, the coffee shop only has customers at the end, because people were hired to be there.

Luke P (nl) wrote: With a smart script, good direction and strong performances by it's cats especially Michael Sheen. Beautiful Boy is an emotional and powerful drama that is very engrossing.

Shawna L (de) wrote: Genre = Romantic Dramedy: As many have said, we could've done without seeing Brian Dennehy's aged hiney in all its sagging glory. That aside, this is an independent film with an interesting take on pornography, without causing discomfort or awkward moments for female viewers, and a fresh perspective on the classic coming-of-age movie. In it a washed-up porn star with a hard-knock life becomes the catalyst for a young man, her biggest fan, finding himself and exploring his world both literally and figuratively, while at the same time impacting her life in unexpected ways. Many compare Dustin Ingram to Justin Heger in Napoleon Dynamite or Michael Cera in Juno, but Ingram really defines himself as an individual in this role. Likewise, Kim Cattrel proves she is more than Samantha Jones, much more. Good acting and casting all around, from Snickers the young, drunken louse of a stripper to Claude the eclectic, reclusive gentleman of wisdom, plus the lead roles and everyone in between. On the downside, there were scenes that could've been edited out and replaced with better bits from the "Deleted Scenes" section, which we highly recommend you take a few extra minutes to watch. If you like quirky Indy films, you should enjoy this sweet film of sex, love, friendship, family and how it all cums together.

Michael S (gb) wrote: A powerful movie highlighting the lunacy of religious zealots/hypocrisy all as a deep delving into the tragedy of a hate crime.Loved it from start to finish!

Cynthia S (br) wrote: This movie was really entertaining to watch. Selma Blair was great as a woman drowning in depression and hopelessness. The sense of overwhelming blackness that surrounds the character is very believable. Max Beesley was perfectly charming as the bumbling robber. This movie was not intended to be academy award caliber, just to make you smile and share in a romantic fantasy

Anne F (ca) wrote: Alan Rickman steals most films he's in - unfortunately there wasn't very much for him to take here. This is a bad film about an unpleasant subject - only watch it if you want to see the impossible feat of the trivialisation of incest in film.

Gavin M (de) wrote: Casualties of War is one of the best Vietnam movies ever made and definitely a Brian DePalma classic. Michael J. Fox shows great strength as an actor in this and this movie definitely made me look at him in a totally different way after seeing him in this. But the real credit goes to Sean Penn, who is without a doubt one of the best actors that has ever lived.

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Amazing cinematography anchors the jarringly anachronistic narrative aesthetic and campy dialogue. It is fascinating to see a post-war noir script essentially transplanted into the late 80s. And the blazing sax soundtrack somehow works despite everything.

Paul D (es) wrote: This movie looks pretty decent in HD. However, the animated parts didn't clean up as well as the rest of it. This movie is still a classic in my book though! With all the sequels these days, I kind of hope that someday they revisit these characters. This movie is still worth watching every once in a while.

Stephanie L (it) wrote: Cheeseball flick with laughable vampire bat special effects. I really liked seeing the New Mexico landscape and the "Maski" Indians. Plus David Warner was extra crazy as the bat killer.

David L (mx) wrote: By the time this film was over, I couldn't help thinking that if it were made today, using modern technology and special effects, "Dementia 13" might be one of the all time great horror and psychological thrillers. Add to that the fabled directing of an experienced Francis Ford Coppola, and you would have a modern day classic instead of a 1960's era 'B' grade programmer. Even so, the movie stacks up remarkably well, dated or not, particularly in the creepy edge given to it by the dysfunctional Haloran clan and it's setting in an old Irish castle.Early on, we're led to believe that the scheming Louise Haloran (Luana Anders) will play a primary role in the Haloran saga, out to secure a sizable fortune upon the death of her mother in law (Eithne Dunn). She's not above a bit of skulduggery when her husband John dies of a heart attack while rowing on an estate pond; she merely weights his body down and sends it overboard. Blaming his disappearance on a business trip, Louise prepares to deal with the annual ritual of honoring the memory of John's deceased sister Kathleen, now dead for seven years. Mother Haloran presides over the austere gathering under black umbrellas, just as the original ceremony was conducted in the rain, a very effective touch.John and Kathleen have two surviving brothers, Richard and Billy, (William Campbell, Bart Patton), and as the movie progresses, one begins to understand that something is not quite right with either one of them. Through deft storytelling and misdirection, Coppola guides our way through an intricately weaved mystery that plays out among suffocating underwater scenes and well timed ax thrusts. The appearance of a very lifelike doll in the image of young Kathleen keeps showing up in unusual places, adding resonance to the mystery.The Haloran family doctor, portrayed by Patrick Magee, has his own ideas about what's going on, but manages to cast suspicion on himself along the way. Watch carefully in the movie's latter half when he enters a work shed and discovers the body of Louise and the lifelike Kathleen doll. Carefully picking up the doll, he closes the shed door, and immediately in the next scene is shown walking with the doll in his arms and a cigar in his mouth.As flashback scenes of young Kathleen's drowning death recur through brother Billy's memories, the link is established to the identity of the film's ax wielding loony. When his identity is finally revealed after taking a bullet from the vigilant Dr. Caleb, he utters the message earlier seen on a headstone which lay buried beneath the pond's surface - "Forgive me Kathleen".Taken together, and reflecting on all the elements of the story, "Dementia 13" defines itself as a satisfying horror mystery that laid the groundwork for future greatness for it's young director Francis (minus the Ford) Coppola. When you consider that Coppola also wrote the original story, you'll have an even greater appreciation of the film, and rightfully so. Fans of Mr. Coppola and 1960's horror should not miss this one.