Pleasant Nights

Pleasant Nights

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Juan A (es) wrote: A simple doomsday film that somehow grab your attention with uniquely touching finale. One of best movie I've seen this year

Ian M (it) wrote: Ugh... This movie is hard to watch... Even for Sarah/Buffy fans like myself. I nearly turned it off in the first twenty minutes, but didn't... It got better but in the way a rash gets better, you put something on it and it then doubles in size and irritation... The three words I can use are... 'What a shame'

Jangwon S (gb) wrote: [CONTAINS SPOILERS]Watching this film was a rather pleasant experience. The prologue shows a cutback of Philippe (the invalid) and Driss(the helper) going for a drive, which made the whole movie clichic. When you see the whole movie, you will know that it was a strongly intended move that the director made. The only thing that "The Intouchables" aimed is to give the audience a positive mood and that friendship is one of the best things in the world. I feel the movie has more than succeeded that goal. Music, which played an important part in the movie, was also very good.8.5/10

Chloe C (br) wrote: messy plot stolen from various famous archeological adventures... and why is Jay Chou there? seriously, this guy has about 2-3 expressions in total! *lol*

Lee K (it) wrote: If every citizen in the states & elsewhere saw this movie, no one would be in Iraq, period.

Scott P (gb) wrote: If you like your movies to not make any sense and to be filled with dreadful indie film cliches, then by all means see this movie. On the plus side, if you have seen the movie Machine Girl, there is 1 part of this movie that will make you chuckle.

Stuart B (au) wrote: Brilliant movie. Ken Loach never does anything by halves. Peter Mullen is fantastic again!

Sherilee N (br) wrote: This movie probably deserves 5 stars as a kids' movie. But I am going to knock it down. Because I cried so much through this movie. Even though I knew the dog was going to alright. Stupid dog movies.

Robert I (ca) wrote: MUPPETS! What does this nose remind you of? ...Radish... Genius.

Evan K (us) wrote: I like parts, but it didn't live up to its legend. Some of the acting and discussions about directing where great, but since nobody in the film is really famous I feel doubtful about how much advice it is really worth. Jeez, I didn't feel the emotion very much, feels like it changes tone and topics too much because there was nothing really good to say or the money to keep it going long enough.

Brian S (de) wrote: Wether it's ghost ship from 1943 or 1952, or the Death Ship from 1980, or just the story itself, y'all have to admit, a ship full of ghosts it's not the most creative plot, but it's a pretty thrilling and intriguing plot. And of all the ghost ship films to see, this is the one. It's well constructed and the acting is very strong, it's in general a well made movie. The main characters are all pretty likeable, too bad that most of them die. But the ending is very predictable and even lame and a little half-assed. But anyways, recommended !!

Amanda A (nl) wrote: Just can't go wrong with this movie, with Denzel involved ! ??

Jay B (nl) wrote: Far better than the original, but that isn't saying much. Not great by any means, but pretty well done given the material. Idris Elba IS the shit though and does some to escalate this outing.